Gluten-Free Apple Cake

This gluten-free apple cake is amazing! There are NO grains in the cake itself and I used gluten free oats for the topping. This one is a keeper — it’s so delicious and everyone can eat it!gluten free apple cake

I scare people when I bake. I mean, I literally scare them. I often burn things, the end result sometimes tastes… ummm… less than delicious, and I have even started fires in the oven. And yes, I did go to cooking school…

I’m a great cook because I can taste as I go and I don’t have to measure. But when it comes to baking, all bets are off  because I tend to treat baking like cooking and it just doesn’t work that way. You know… science.

But, every now and then I really get in the mood to bake something. I attribute this to my obsession with the Great British Baking Show. I can sit here and binge a ton of those shows and it truly makes me want to be a better baker. Oh, and if anyone knows where to buy Pru’s blue eyeglasses, pleeeaaaassseeee let me know because I really want them…  So, one day after watching a few episodes, I got that baking yen. So I started to peruse a ton of recipes that I have saved up and I figured I’d try my hand at combining recipes for several apple cakes until I got the desired result.

The cake needed to taste great. I wanted it to be healthy. It had to have great texture. In short I wanted it to not taste like a healthy dessert but rather like something I would actually be proud to serve.

It took some time, but this Gluten Free Apple Cake is the result. It’s great. Really. And not just great “for me”. It got the seal of approval from my family and they are the ones who are most scared to try my baked goods. This just goes to show you that anything is possible.

This Gluten Free Apple Cake is now tied with my Flourless Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies for my favorite dessert.

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gluten free apple cake

Here are some of the healing ingredients in this recipe for Gluten Free Apple Cake:

Almond flour is great. In Chinese medicine, nuts are known to be good for your brain, heart, skin and reproductive system. Almonds are particularly nutritious. They are a good source of protein and they give you energy. And, they are gluten free and make the best grain free flour! Almonds will help relieve a cough and asthma and are also good for constipation.

Buckwheat is great to eat if you have diarrhea. It also helps lower blood pressure, stops some types of sweating, and has a good amount of vitamin E. It also contains antioxidants that can help fight cancer and heart disease. Buckwheat is a seed, not a grain, so no inflammation here! I used some buckwheat flour in this cake.

It really is true that an apple a day is a good thing. Apples help to strengthen your heart. They are also good for your digestion and they can help eliminate mucus when you have a cold. So, the combination of apples and cinnamon together are great for this time of year when everyone seems to be getting sick. Apples have a high antioxidant content, especially Granny Smiths and Red Delicious. This, combined with the fact that they have a lot of healthy fiber, is why apples are good at fighting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and some cancers. They have also been shown to help ward off diabetes, high cholesterol and gallstones.

Oats are great for the digestive system — they make you feel better if you are feeling bloated or have indigestion. This ancient grain can also help reduce some types of swelling in the body and, a little known tidbit: they can be eaten to help stop lactation. Just make sure to buy gluten-free oats if that’s your preference.

Ghee is a clarified butter that has had the milk solids removed and it is lactose free. And, it has the delicious taste of butter.  It has a high smoking point, and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I recommend buying organic ghee if possible. Ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease.

Cinnamon is one of the best herbs to warm the body. It’s great if you have a cold. If you are nauseous or have diarrhea, go for the cinnamon. It also gives you energy and helps with menstrual pain. Cinnamon is a Chinese herb: “gui zhi” is the cinnamon twig and “rou gui” is the cinnamon bark. Both are warming and are used for a variety of ailments. In the winter I add cinnamon to all sorts of foods. It helps with the common cold, swelling, various menstrual issues and some aches and pains. Be careful with it if you have a fever because it is so warming. Here’s an article about the benefits of cinnamon from Well-Being Secrets.

gluten free apple cake

If you make any of this recipe for Gluten Free Apple Cake, please be sure to let me know in the comments below. I love hearing how you like a recipe, and I love to answer your questions! If you make it, be sure to take a photo and tag me and post it on Instagram.

Gluten-Free Apple Cake
Recipe type: cake, dessert
Cuisine: gluten free
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 9
This gluten free apple cake is delicious, healthy, and has all the feels of fall. You will love it!
  • 1-1/3 cups almond flour
  • ⅓ cup buckwheat flour
  • ¼ cup tapioca flour
  • ½ cup coconut sugar
  • ½ tsp baking soda (make sure it's gluten-free if that is your need)
  • 1 tsp baking powder (make sure it's gluten-free if that is your need)
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup oat milk (or can use another milk of choice -- again, make sure gluten-free if needed)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup non-dairy yogurt (I used cashew yogurt)
  • 1 Tbs apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 green apple, peeled and finely diced
  • For the topping:
  • 3 Tbs melted ghee
  • 5 Tbs coconut sugar
  • ¼ cup rolled oats (gluten-free if needed)
  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F.
  2. Line an 8 x 8 baking pan with parchment paper.
  3. In a large bowl, combine all of the flours, ½ cup coconut sugar, the baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Stir well.
  4. In a small bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, and vanilla.
  5. Add the contents of the small bowl to the large bowl. Stir until combined.
  6. Stir in the yogurt, vinegar, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and diced apple.
  7. Spread the contents into the prepared baking pan.
  8. Make the topping: stir together the ghee, oats, 5 Tbs coconut sugar, and the oats.
  9. Spread the topping evenly over the top of the batter.
  10. Bake until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean, about 35 minutes.
  11. Let cool in the pan on a wire rack.
  12. Cut into squares and enjoy!

gluten free apple cake

Spicy Ground Turkey Pasta

This Spicy Ground Turkey Pasta is the perfect weeknight dinner — it’s so easy and so delicious!

spicy ground turkey pasta

I love spice. And because of this love, if you open my refrigerator and look on the door shelves, you’ll see a ridiculous variety of  different jars and bottles of various spice blends, sauces, and pastes. When I’m ready to cook, I unload this mass of ingredients onto my counter and I begin. This makes me sometimes think twice about making my favorite spicy dishes when I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

But, now… things have gotten way easier…

I found my new spice blend obsession: Ayoba-Yo Spice Blend.  It’s a rare thing for me to be willing to give up my trusted spice jars, but this spice blend is so good that I’ve been able to streamline my cooking so much. This single jar is a blend of sea salt, coriander, worcestershire powder, and black pepper. And, it’s flavorful enough to use on it’s own without adding a ton of other ingredients.

As an aside, I should tell you that Ayoba-Yo makes amazing bags of Biltong (which is their version of jerky). It’s soft and spiced perfectly and really is the perfect on-the-go Paleo snack.

This Spicy Ground Turkey Pasta is so simple to make. I made it this past Saturday morning, stored it in the fridge, and then we ate it later for dinner. It’s so good!

I added some Asian flavors to this pasta, because that’s the mood I was in. The addition of ginger, rice vinegar, and aminos, really complements the spice blend. Yum.

It would be just as easy to customize this pasta with Mexican, Italian, or Indian flavors. So many pastas, so little time…

I used a grain-free chickpea pasta for this dish (see the recipe below for details). Sometimes when I do this, my family is not too happy (they like traditional pasta better), but because of the spice blend, nobody could tell it was chickpea pasta! This is the mark of an awesome recipe.

spicy ground turkey pasta

Serve this pasta with my favorite Caesar salad, and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

spicy ground turkey pasta

Here are some of the amazing healing ingredients in this recipe for Spicy Ground Turkey Pasta:

Turkey is a healthy meat. Make sure you buy organic turkey for the highest nutritional benefits. Recent research has shown turkey helps lower the risk of pancreatic cancer; however I did read some research that suggests that if you eat the skin along with the meat, some of this value is reduced, so don’t eat too much skin — this recipe uses ground turkey so it has no skin involved… Turkey also has a great protein-to-fat ratio, so it keeps you feeling full with less potential for weight gain. It’s also rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B and selenium. And, in Chinese medicine, turkey is thought of as a qi-booster, so it can be good for low energy levels.

Coriander is the main ingredient of the Ayoba-Yo spice blend, and that’s a great thing because it’s so good for digestion.

Ginger is  a Chinese herb. In it’s raw form it’s called Sheng Jiang. This herb is especially good during cold weather months and also during seasonal changes. So, when winter is trying to turn into spring, and we (those of us on the east coast) get some of those cold, raw, damp days, ginger will make you feel better and will help boost your immune system. And, when summer is turning into fall, or fall is turning into winter,  those are great times to add ginger into your diet, to prevent those winter colds that seem to pop up often.

Ghee is a clarified butter that has had the milk solids removed and it is lactose free. And, it has the delicious taste of butter.  It has a high smoking point, and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I recommend buying organic ghee if possible. Ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease.

spicy ground turkey pasta

Spicy Ground Turkey Pasta
Recipe type: grain-free, gluten-free, nut-free
Cuisine: pasta, meat, simple, Asian
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
This spicy ground turkey pasta is a great quick meal with tons of flavor and tons of health benefits.
  • 8-oz pasta (I used a grain-free chickpea pasta), cooked al dente, and drained
  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • sea salt and black pepper
  • 2 Tbs extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling at the end
  • 1 Tbs Ayoba-Yo spice blend
  • 1 Tbs tomato paste
  • 2 tsp grated fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp date or coconut sugar
  • 1 Tbs rice vinegar
  • 1 Tbs coconut aminos
  • 1 Tbs ghee
  • fresh basil leaves, for garnish
  1. Heat 2 Tbs oil over medium heat in a large skillet.
  2. Add the meat, and stir, breaking up with a wooden spoon.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. When the meat is not pink any longer, add the Ayoba-Yo spice blend and the tomato paste, and cook, stirring, 3 minutes.
  5. Stir in the ginger, sugar, vinegar, and aminos.
  6. Reduce the heat to low and let simmer 10 mins.
  7. Remove from heat, and stir in the ghee and the cooked pasta.
  8. Garnish with fresh basil leaves and enjoy!

spicy ground turkey pasta

Paleo Creamy Carrot Soup

Creamy. Delicate. Flavorful. Delicious. Healthy. And, so easy! This paleo creamy carrot soup is all these things and more…

paleo blender carrot soup

I am not a winter person. I always wanted to be a winter person, but alas… I am not.

I tried to like skiing. It looks so cool and sexy when I see other people do it. I hate heights and I don’t enjoy being cold, so this didn’t go so well for me.

I don’t like having to bundle up in heavy layers each time I want to go out. It actually annoys me…

But, I do love a good sweater and a cute pair of boots.

And, I do love winter food. Comfort food. Stew. Cups of hot lattes, superfood creamy drinks, and hot tea make me really happy.

The best of all: SOUP.

I love a good hearty, chunky soup like my White Bean And Kale Soup or Spring Vegetable Soup… but, every now and then I love a creamy, light, delicate, velvety soup. The taste and the texture make me smile.

This paleo creamy carrot soup has all of the requisite characteristics to be one of my favorite soups. The original recipe is amazing and it’s from Heidi at 101 Cookbooks.

I love to take a creamy soup like this one and add some toppings that add texture. I topped this velvety paleo creamy carrot soup with crunchy buckwheat groats and pomegranate seeds. The combination of the crunchy with the smooth makes each spoonful so good!

I love creating customized recipes for people. And soup’s an easy one! I want you to sign up for a free phone consultation with me… I’m such a geek that I really do get excited about doing this. So CLICK HERE to be taken directly into my calendar to sign up for your free phone consultation… I’d love to create a soup just for you and your needs.

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So, instead of skiing, I’m the one who stays in front of the fireplace. Or, even better, in front of the stove stirring a pot of soup, while everyone else is outside building up an appetite. And, I am more than happy with this arrangement… a little music, a roaring fireplace, a hot toddy or a cuppa something healing… I’m happy as a clam…

I like to serve a creamy, warming veggie casserole of some sort with this soup… something like a Paleo Brussels Sprouts Gratin. Yum. And, if you want to keep the soup vegan too, just swap out the ghee for olive oil or coconut oil.

paleo blender carrot soup

You can top this soup with whatever you like. A pile of microgreens and a drizzle of truffle oil would be awesome. Or, how about some chopped pistachio nuts with some lemon zest? The possibilities are endless…

paleo blender carrot soup

This simple paleo creamy carrot soup doesn’t have too many ingredients, but the few ingredients it does have, really pack a healing punch:

Carrots help strengthen the organs in your body. They also are good for the eyes (this is their claim to fame) and they promote healthy digestion. Many moons ago, people used to make carrot tea to ward off measles and to prevent cancer. Carrots help detoxify the body and in today’s world of Chinese medicine, they are prescribed to ease constipation and tonsillitis.

In Asian medicine, we use coconut to strengthen the body, reduce swelling, and stop bleeding. Coconut kills viruses, bacteria, and parasites. It’s good for all types of infections and viruses in the body, including the flu, bronchitis, tapeworms, urinary tract infections, and herpes. And perhaps most importantly, it helps you keep your mind sharp and it makes it easier for you to focus. I like to use full-fat canned coconut milk for this soup.

Onions are great for your immune system; they are a natural antihistamine. Recently, I recommended that a patient with bronchitis put sliced raw onions in her socks when she went to sleep… she woke up so much better; they actually can rid the body of bacteria. (I know I’ve told you this before, but it really is awesome!) Onion is a superhero in the food world!

Ghee is one of the best fats to cook with. Ghee is a clarified butter that has had the milk solids removed and it is lactose free. And, it has the delicious taste of butter.  It has a high smoking point, and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I recommend buying organic ghee if possible. It contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease.

paleo blender carrot soup

Paleo Creamy Carrot Soup
Recipe type: soup, paleo, whole30, comfort food, vegetarian
Cuisine: Recipe adapted from: 101 Cookbooks
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
This paleo creamy carrot soup is really easy to make and deliciously healthy to eat. It's velvety smooth and rich in flavor. It will help your digestion and your immune system!
  • 2 Tbs ghee (or substitute olive or coconut oil for vegan)
  • 1 med onion, chopped
  • sea salt, to taste
  • 1 Tbs red curry paste
  • 2 lb carrots, peeled and cut into 1-in pieces
  • 1 14-oz can full-fat coconut milk
  • 14 oz water (just fill up the coconut milk can)
  • Optional toppings: hemp seeds, raw buckwheat groats, pomegranate seeds, microgreens, lemon zest, truffle oil (whatever makes you smile). I topped mine with buckwheat groats and pomegranate seeds.
  1. Heat the ghee in a large soup pot over med heat.
  2. Add the onion and season it with salt.
  3. Saute, stirring, until the onion begins to soften, about 3 mins.
  4. Add the curry paste and cook, stirring 1 min.
  5. Add the carrots, and stir for 1 min.
  6. Add the coconut milk and the water.
  7. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered for 15 mins. Then, cover and simmer an additional 10- to- 15 mins or until the carrots are tender.
  8. Transfer mixture to a blender, or use a hand blender to blend until smooth.
  9. Ladle into bowls and sprinkle on the toppings of your choice.
  10. Enjoy

paleo creamy carrot soup

The Healthy Cooking Oils You Should Be Using

When it comes to your health, there are strict dos and don’ts when it comes to cooking oils. Read ahead to learn about the healthy cooking oils you should be using.

the healthy cooking oils you should be using


If you knew that just by adding a few healthy everyday ingredients to your diet, you could substantially boost your heart health and your brain health, would you try it? Of course you would. Well, these healthy cooking oils you should be using are all readily accessible, fairy inexpensive, and will do just that.

My favorite conference of the year is David Wolfe’s Longevity Conference. Each year, I come away with so much information, but there always seems to be a few take-aways that all of the experts at the conference agree on. This year, one of those things was the amazing benefits of olive oil and other healthy cooking oils. So, I’ve taken the research and whittled it down for you. Keep reading to learn about the healthy cooking oils you should be using now.

My passion is helping you heal yourself with food and herbs. It’s truly my calling. When I was studying for my Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine, I knew that all of these amazing tenets of Eastern Medicine could be applied to food and used as everyday healing agents for so many people. I knew that if I combined what I was learning about the properties of food and herbs with what I already knew from my chef’s training, it would be life-changing.

And it is. My training in both Eastern and Western medicine, combined with my obsession with food and cooking, has given me a unique skillset that has helped so many people. And I want to help you. Nothing aggravates me more than knowing that these tools exist but that so many of you have not been taught them. Especially when the benefits are so easily accessible to everyone — like in these healthy cooking oils you should be using.

Everyone should know how to heal themselves with food and herbs. This should not be a secret.

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If you eat the right foods for your unique body and circumstances, you can heal yourself. All you need is the correct information. And I’m here to give it to you. So, read on and learn how you can easily start to heal yourself with ingredients are easy to get and easy to use. And, if you want me to create a healthy lifestyle plan specifically for your unique needs, sign up for a free phone consultation and we can chat about it.

Food really is medicine!

Why Is It Important To Use Healthy Food Oils?

First let me just say that it is so important that you make sure you have healthy fats in your diet. And, NO, fat does not make you fat. In fact, low-fat diets do not help you lose weight. Current research is also clear that healthy fats do not increase your risk of disease or heart problems.

One of the simplest ways to get healthy fats into your diet, is with cooking oils. You can saute your food in them, make salad dressings and sauces with them, add them to smoothies, and drizzle some of them on top of whatever you are eating.

Below, you can see some basic reasons why you need healthy fats in your diet. Then, keep scrolling, and you’ll see the list of healthy cooking oils you should be using. Go out, buy one or two…

Here’s how healthy fats work for you, not against you:

1. Youthful Skin

Yup, fewer wrinkles, better elasticity, and a healthy complexion are yours for the asking… all you need to do is consume a good amount of healthy fats. You are what you eat, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the look and quality of your skin. Our cell walls are made up of fats and it’s these fats that keep our skin looking youthful and glowing. By the way, this is true for your hair too…

2. Boosted Immune System

I know that traditionally, when we talk about immune-boosting foods, we talk about things like ginger, turmeric, and the like. But, healthy fats play an important role in keeping your immune system at a high level. To keep you healthy, your white blood cells need to be able to fight bacteria and viruses. When you deprive your white blood cells of healthy fats, they cannot do their job properly. So, feed them. With healthy fats. You’ll have a much better chance of boosting your immune system enough to stay healthy even when people around you are sick.

3. Brain Health

Your brain needs healthy fats.  Because your brain is made up of about 60% fat, it needs fat to feed on. When you deprive your brain of fats, it’s impossible for this organ to perform at the high level it is capable of. Think: memory, focus, concentration… if you are having some issues in this area, perhaps you are not giving your brain the healthy fat it craves.

4. Heart Health

Yes, fat is good for your heart. There is no evidence that saturated fats increases the risk of heart disease. In fact, evidence is to the contrary. Healthy fats can raise your good/protective cholesterol levels way up, thereby protecting your heart and arteries. Some of these healthy fats can even help to lower your bad cholesterol.

5. Boosted Energy Level

Fats provide your body with more energy than carbohydrates. I’d rather eat a meal with healthy fats than a traditional carbohydrate-loading meal before physical activity. Healthy fats keep you full and satisfied and they keep your energized.

6. Weight Loss

The start of the obesity epidemic in the United States coincided with the introduction of low fat-and non-fat foods in the marketplace. These foods upped the sugar content to make up for their lack of fats. I tell my clients all the time that if you want to lose weight you have to add healthy fats into your diet. This is a hard concept to embrace for lifetime yo-yo dieters who have been calorie-counting forever. But the results don’t lie. And I’m telling you, you will lose weight if you cut out sugar and embrace the correct healthy fats for your body’s needs.

Add These Oils To Your Pantry:

1. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has a mild taste and is a perfect multi-purpose oil. You can use it to cook with, to make dressings with, and to drizzle on top of your salads, vegetables, and everything on your plate. Avocados raise good cholesterol while simultaneously lowering bad cholesterol.  They also contain vitamin E and are great for your skin.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has gotten a bad rap in terms of raising cholesterol, but it raises the good kind of heart-protective cholesterol, not the bad kind. This oil can be used to cook with and  you can add a spoonful to your shakes, smoothies, and soups. Coconut oil will boost your energy level very quickly, so add it to whatever you are eating or drinking whenever you need a boost. This oil is not a neutral flavored oil; it sometimes has a distinct coconut taste, so it may not be good for all of your recipes.  I like to bake with it, and I find it especially good when cooking Asian food — Thai curry… yum…

One thing to keep in mind about coconut oil is that it is  solid unless heated. So, if you need it in a liquid form, you’ll have to melt it… which is a very quick process.

3. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is amazing. It is good for just about everything. It is great for your heart and has even been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks when added into a healthy diet. It’s also good for your brain, and can reduce some of the inflammation in your body. I recommend buying extra-virgin olive oil because it is less processed than some other olive oils. Also, with olive oils, sometimes you get what you pay for, so if you are able to taste the oils before you buy, that’s a great thing to do.

One of the important messages I came home from the Longevity Conference with, is to drizzle a hefty amount of olive oil on everything. Really. If you cook a plate of food, before you eat it, drizzle a good quality extra-virgin olive oil all over the top of the food. We’ve been going through a lot of olive oil in my house…

Use extra-virgin olive oil primarily for salad dressings, drizzling on top of foods, and for cooking things that don’t require a very high heat.  I cook with extra-virgin olive oil all the time, but I switch to a different fat if I need to cook on extremely high heat for a lengthy period of time — this is because extra-virgin olive oil does not have a high smoking point and can burn.

4. Nut Oils

There are many types of healthy and delicious nut oils available. Try out some walnut oil, hazelnut oil, or macadamia nut oil. These oils are best used in non-cooked foods. These nut oils can be the base of delicious salad dressings and adding a healthy drizzle of a delicious nut oil to the top of your cooked foods can really make the taste pop.

Nuts have the ability to lower bad cholesterol and enhance brain performance, and nut oils are an easy way to reap these benefits.

5. Ghee

Ghee is not technically an oil, but I’m including it in this list because it’s one of the best fats to cook with. Ghee is a clarified butter that has had the milk solids removed and it is lactose free. And, it has the delicious taste of butter.  It has a high smoking point, and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I recommend buying organic ghee if possible.

Ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease.

I love to add a spoonful of ghee to my coffee or tea, blend it up, and drink it for a great energy boost in the morning.

Try Some Of These Recipes With Healthy Oils:

Seafood Salad With Garlic And Oil

the healthy cooking oils you should be using


Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee sweetened with dates


The World’s Best Nut Butter Recipe

world's best nut butter recipe

The healthy benefits in healthy fats and healthy oils can be truly amazing.  And, if you combine these fats/oils with the right foods and supplements, you really have a powerful healing protocol. One of my favorite things to do is to introduce my clients to the healing powers of everyday ingredients because the results can be so amazing. If you’d like a free phone consultation, please go to my calendar now and pick a time slot that works for you. We can discuss herbs and food that will help whatever your concerns are. It’s only food — it’s not rocket science — together we can help you live your best life.

Another article you may be interested in is:  5 Ways Coconut Water Can Improve Your Life.

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Crispy Spicy Roasted Potatoes

If you’ve been looking for the perfect potato recipe, this is it — crispy spicy roasted potatoes for the win!

crispy spicy roasted potatoes

It seems like such a simple thing. Crispy roasted potatoes should be a really easy thing to make. And, they are… but I didn’t get it really right until this time. And I’ve been playing with this recipe for a long, long time. But once you get the right ratio of spices and the right amount of fat and the correct baking times and temperature, you can use this formula time after time with whatever spices and herbs you like and it will never disappoint.

Oh boy, I just read that paragraph I just typed. I sound so serious and I’m talking about potatoes! OK, so it’s really not a serious topic, but these potatoes are so awesome. And so easy. I guess I just feel a little humbled by these simple potatoes because it took me until now to get them so perfectly crispy and buttery and delicious.

You have to try this recipe.

I mean, who doesn’t need a great easy people-pleasing recipe in their arsenal that can be pulled out at any time? And this recipe is so versatile. I’ve made these crispy spicy roasted potatoes for breakfast. I’ve made them for dinner. And, mostly, I’ve eaten the leftovers at really weird times during the day.

If you are a spicy-potato-recipe fan, you should also try my Buffalo Chicken With Potatoes And Bacon recipe!

crispy spicy roasted potatoes

Aside from the amazing texture and taste, these potatoes are awesome for you:

Potatoes are good at soothing ulcers and neutralizing acid in the stomach and they help relieve constipation. These tubers also can help relieve arthritic inflammation. So, even though sweet potatoes are thought of as the white potato’s more nutrition sister, regular old potatoes can be just what the doctor ordered.

Garlic is amazing in its antiviral and antibacterial capabilities. Garlic is actually a Chinese herb (Da Suan). It’s used to kill toxins and parasites and also to reduce swelling in the body. It’s what I call a great “A” herb: anesthetic, antibacterial, anti fungal, antioxidant, antiviral, etc…. I almost always use fresh garlic in my recipes, but for this recipe, garlic powder works wonderfully.

Black Pepper is a Chinese herb called Hu Jiao. It’s used to alleviate diarrhea, vomiting and some stomach pains.

Oregano is a powerful antioxidant and it is great at fighting bacteria. It’s also known as an herb that brings joy and happiness to people.

crispy spicy roasted potatoes

Crispy Spicy Roasted Potatoes
Recipe type: side dish, potatoes
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
So simple and so perfect. This is the only recipe you will need for crispy potatoes.
  • 4 medium yellow potatoes, unpeeled and cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp dried thyme
  • ½ tsp black pepper (or to taste)
  • sea salt to taste
  • 1-1/2 Tbs butter or ghee, melted (here's a good organic ghee)
  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
  2. Boil the potatoes for 6-minutes.
  3. Drain well.
  4. Toss the drained potatoes in a large bowl with the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Spread the potatoes in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Try to spread out the potatoes so that they are not touching each other.
  6. Roast for about 45 minutes, or until the potatoes are golden and crispy.
  7. Enjoy!
  8. Note: I've seen lots of versions of this recipe and oftentimes the baking time is much less than 45 minutes, so check your potatoes frequently. Mine were perfect at 45 minutes.


crispy spicy roasted potatoes