Tea Drinkers Have Less Stress

If you are a tea drinker, you already know how wonderful a hot cuppa can make you feel. But, did you know that research has shown that tea drinkers have less stress?

It seems as if everyone is looking for ways to reduce stress. Whenever I hear of a new way to reduce stress, I’m all over it. I test it out, I get my family and friends to jump on board and we delve into the newest stress-reducing suggestions. Haha, as I’m writing this I’m realizing that the whole testing and jumping description really seems counterintuitive to reducing stress…

After the testing, and the talking, and the altering of these stress busting maneuvers, I figure out what’s best and I keep it in my life. Then, I tell you about it, and you decide whether it fits with your lifestyle and needs.

Drinking tea is something that pretty much everyone can get behind. I’ve been making custom tea mixtures for clients for years. It’s a great way to heal your body and your mind. Nobody thinks drinking tea is a bad thing, so, I urge you to add tea drinking to your daily routine… can’t you use a little less stress?

Tea drinking has been on the rise all across the world. It used to be that England was the country that always came to mind when thinking about tea. Nowadays, tea drinking has become popular in so many countries across the globe.

And now there’s actual scientific research proving that tea is healing and can reduce stress. Yes! Food (and tea) really is medicine and it’s becoming mainstream knowledge… it’s about time!

If you want a few suggestions about types of teas to brew, check out these 5 Chinese herbal teas that will heal you.  You can also read about these 6 natural tea remedies.

Tea is grown in serene fields that are just gorgeous. Even just looking at photos of tea plantations is relaxing:


Just looking at this photo of a Malaysian tea plantation relaxes me. Now, add in an actual cup of tea while looking at something calming, and you’ve really got a stress-busting formula.

I want you to try it. Brew a cup of your favorite tea. But not just any tea. I want you to think about what your body needs right now. Be mindful. If you need energy, try some green or black tea. If you feel like your immune system needs a boost, add in some ginger or mint. Are you facing a lot of complicated brain-work today? If so, try a mushroom tea like cordyceps or chaga. For more ideas on how to get the most out of your tea, read about why you should have a relaxing tea drinking ritual.

There are literally thousands of ways to go with this. So, pick what makes you happy. Pick what your body needs. Then sit with your cuppa. Put your hands around the warm mug. Look at something calming. Breathe in the steam. Close your eyes. Sip. Relax. Repeat every day…

Here’s some tips on how to make the perfect cup of tea at home.


Tea = meditation. Yes, drinking tea can be like a form of meditation. But, like meditation, to reap the benefits, it needs to become a regular practice. It needs to be practiced with mindfulness. Don’t just haphazardly pour water into a cup with a tea bag. Carefully choose your tea. Pour your water in gently. Sit in a relaxing and comfortable seat. Gaze at something calming. And breathe. You’ll soon see why tea drinkers have less stress.

If you have any questions on what you should be brewing in your cup, just drop a comment below and I’d be happy to help!


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And, if you are looking for something a little different, read about these alternative healing hot drinks for tea lovers.


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