perfect cup of tea

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Hot Tea At Home

Tea is healing. And it’s delicious. Here’s how to make the perfect cup of hot tea at home.

perfect cup of tea

Even die-hard coffee drinkers are turning to tea now. Tea has become an “in” drink. I think that this is partly because the wellness industry has brought the healing power of tea to the forefront and partly because there are just so many options when it comes to tea.

Here in New York City, there are tea shops popping up in many neighborhoods where coffee houses used to dominate the scene.

With tea, you can pick your favorite flavor and you can choose the leaf with the health benefit you need at the very moment you are preparing your tea. And, tea drinkers have less stress!

Here’s How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Hot Tea At Home

1. Use Filtered Water

Fill your teapot with filtered water. If you don’t drink the water that comes out of your kitchen faucet, then don’t brew your tea with it. Trust me, your tea with taste better and it will be better for you.

2. Use A Quality Teapot

What I mean by this is don’t use a a teapot that’s made of a cheap metal. Use a stainless steel or a cast-iron one. If you use an aluminum or a cheaper metal pot, your tea can take on a slightly metallic taste.

3. Use Loose-Leaf Tea

Don’t use a tea bag. Use loose-leaf tea or herbs. This way you can pick and choose fresh teas/herbs. When you buy loose, you can smell them to see if they smell fresh. If there is no scent, then the product is old and you shouldn’t buy it. Put about 2 teaspoons of tea leaves/herbs in your cup. If you are interested in healing teas, read about these 5 Chinese teas that will heal you.

4. Mix And Match Complimentary Flavors

If you love mint and you love lemon, mix the two flavors. If you love orange and you love rose, try them together. Most floral teas are well complimented by a citrus or a spicy flavor. Test them out — you may find the next great tea flavor. Make a mixture that makes you happy, or stay true to a single flavor that you love.

5. Use A Tea Cup With A Strainer

Tea cups with strainers are awesome. I prefer this to using a teapot with a strainer unless I’m making a whole pot of tea. For brewing a single cup of tea, the strainer cups are the way to go. Porcelain, glass, and ceramic cups are the best ones to use.

6. Use Almost-Boiling Water

Take your water off the flame just before it boils. This makes a gentler, more flavorful cup of  tea.

7. Let Your Tea Steep

Let your tea steep for anywhere from three to five minutes, depending on how fragile your leaves are. If using fresh leaves, it will take less time to steep; dried leaves will take longer.

8. Customize It

Most herbs and loose leaf teas taste great on their own. If you like things sweet, add a little honey or other sweetener to the bottom of your cup. Put the strainer in, and pour the water over the leaves. Let steep and stir.

9. Relax

This seems simple and obvious, but it’s a really important step. Actually sit down and drink your tea. Coffee is a drink that can be sipped on the run. Tea… not so much. To fully enjoy a cup of tea, you need to relax, breathe, and appreciate the flavors. Learn how to establish a relaxing tea drinking ritual here.

Flowers, herbs, and citrus peels make great teas. But feel free to be creative. It’s just a cup of tea — experiment, have fun, and just breathe!

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