turmeric latte

Alternative Healing Hot Drinks For Tea Lovers

We love tea for many reasons. It’s healing, it’s delicious, and there’s so much variety. If you love a hot cup of healing, steaming, comforting tea, you are going to love these alternative healing hot drinks for tea lovers.

turmeric latte

I love a good hot steaming cuppa anything.  Put a hot drink in my hand in a big heavy oversized mug and I feel all warm and cozy inside.

A few year ago I became a bit of a tea fanatic. Oh my… there were just so many choices, with so many flavors and so many healing powers. I was hooked on the 5 Chinese Herbal Teas That Will Heal You

But now, as I sit here writing this post, I have a hot cuppa in my hands and it’s not tea or coffee. And it is awesome. Did you know that tea drinkers actually have less stress?

I want to share these finds with you because these alternative healing hot drinks for tea lovers will add even more variety to your hot beverage repertoire. And variety is the spice of life…



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Here Are My Favorite Alternative Healing Hot Drinks For Tea Lovers

By the way, even if some of these beverages sound odd to you (and they may…), I want you to give them a try. Pick one to start with, try it, and when you love it try another.  My favorite thing to do is to add a scoop of collagen to these healing hot drinks and then I’m really upping the health benefits…

1. Mushroom Elixirs

Yes mushroom “coffee” is a real thing. I prefer to think of it as a hot cup of steaming health — because honestly, it’s good but it doesn’t taste anything like coffee…

In Chinese medicine, we’ve been using mushrooms for healing for a very long time. That’s because they work — mushrooms truly are medicine; in fact, many of them are considered Chinese longevity herbs.

There are many different kinds of mushrooms that are available in ready-to-make elixir packets. I buy mine from Four Sigmatic. Pick out the type of mushroom that you need for your health issues. There are several to choose from, and they are each great for different concerns.

The mushroom elixir I use most often is Chaga. Chaga mushrooms are a longevity superfood. A packet of this elixir (which you just stir into hot water) helps boost your immune system. There’s a lot of research being done on the power of chaga right now and it’s possible ability to help fight cancer. It’s also good for your intestinal system and it can help calm your nerves.

And, just because I love it, I want you to have my recipe for Mushroom Superfood Iced Chocolate. This one’s cold, but it is awesome and it tastes like chocolate milk.

Another great mushroom that I use all the time is Reishi. Reishi is amazing. It’s a Chinese herb and a mushroom that acts as a superfood. In Chinese medicine, we use it for longevity support and we take it every day in many different forms. The Chinese name for reishi is Ling Zhi. It’s also known as Ganoderma. But, whatever you call it, it is like the rockstar of Chinese herbs. This medicinal mushroom calms the mind, reduces anxiety, relieves restlessness and boosts the immune system. Yup, it’s quite the multi-tasking shroom. Imagine a steaming cup of reishi before bedtime…

And then there’s Cordyceps: Cordyceps mushrooms give your cells energy. Have a hot cuppa made of cordyceps elixir in the afternoon and your energy won’t drop! You will be amazed at how much your stamina will improve!

2. Turmeric Latte

Sometimes the word latte means coffee. And sometimes it doesn’t. This time, it doesn’t. But it is really delicious. Here in New York City, many of the coffee and matcha places are also selling different kinds of non-coffee lattes. There are beet lattes and rose lattes and so many others. But, my favorite is still a hot turmeric latte.

Turmeric is actually a Chinese herb (Jiang Huang). It is great for reducing inflammation throughout the body. If you suffer from aches and pains in your joints, try turmeric. It can help relieve menstrual pain and some other abdominal pains but, if you are pregnant, ask your doctor before you eat too much turmeric.

For a real treat, try my recipe for Pumpkin Turmeric Latte… yum!

3. Cocoa Shell “Tea”

Think of this as chocolate tea. The shells of cacao beans are brewed in hot water, and when you drink it it has a very mild but unmistakable chocolate taste.

Raw cacao is a superfood. It is packed with magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals. Not only is it packed with health benefits, but it actually has properties that help the body absorb nutrients better and it’s filled with antioxidants. Cacao can actually be translated as “food of the gods”… Raw cacao can help lower blood pressure, promote healthy heart function, improve digestion, and may even help increase the libido.

I love to brew a cup of this and add a little bit of coconut milk and it is delicious. I love the one from Wild Foods.

4. Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

This is exactly what it sounds like. Pour a cup of your favorite non dairy milk into a small pot. Put a big heaping scoop of raw cacao powder in it and a generous amount of cinnamon. If you like things a little sweet, then sprinkle in a little coconut sugar or drizzle in some honey or pure maple syrup. And sometimes, I’ll put a drop or two of almond extract just because I can… Whisk it up. Sit on the couch with a blanky. Nothin’ better.

Cinnamon is one of the best herbs to warm the body. It’s great if you have a cold. If you are nauseous or have diarrhea, go for the cinnamon. It also gives you energy and helps with menstrual pain. Cinnamon is a Chinese herb: “gui zhi” is the cinnamon twig and “rou gui” is the cinnamon bark. Both are warming and are used for a variety of ailments. In the winter I add cinnamon to all sorts of foods. It helps with the common cold, swelling, various menstrual issues and some aches and pains. Be careful with it if you have a fever because it is so warming.


So, I want you to pick one of the above alternative hot healing drinks for tea lovers. Go ahead. Make it now. Sit in a comfy chair. Relax and breathe and sip your healing elixir. Do this every day. It’s a form of self-care. And, let me know in the comments below, which one you like the best.

If you make any of these recipes, please be sure to let me know in the comments below. I love hearing how you like a recipe, and I love to answer your questions! If you make it, be sure to take a photo and tag me and post it on Instagram.

alternative healing hot drinks for tea lovers





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