relaxing tea ritual

Why You Should Have A Relaxing Tea Drinking Ritual

Tea itself can be so healthy. But, did you know that the way you drink it can magnify it’s healing powers?  Read below to learn why you should have a relaxing tea drinking ritual.

relaxing tea ritual

Tea lovers are a special breed. Many of us like things a certain way when we drink our tea. And, while this may seem persnickety to some people, I’m here to tell you that this is a good thing, not a bad thing.

If you are new to the increasingly popular tea scene, you may not yet have created your own tea ritual, but I’m urging you to do just that.  Don’t roll you eyes — a tea ritual doesn’t need to be “new age-y” or fancy or overly involved. It just needs to be something that’s relaxing to YOU.

Every single one of us needs to de-stress ourselves. And so many of us don’t carve out the time to do so. By creating a regular relaxing tea ritual, you are allowing yourself this small amount of self-care. And you only need to set aside the amount of time it takes to prepare and sip a cup of healing tea.

When you create this healing environment — this relaxation ritual —  whatever’s in your cup works it’s magic in magnified proportions. Here are some simple tips on how to make the perfect cup of hot tea at home. Also read about why tea drinkers have less stress. 

Suggestions For Your Relaxing Tea Drinking Ritual

Pick a few of these things and combine them into your tea ritual. There are no wrong ways to do this. Just doing it, just setting aside this time for you, makes it such a right thing to do for yourself. After all, you really are worth it.

If you’re not sure what kind of teas to drink, start here: These 5 Chinese Herbal Teas Will Heal You.

1. Cozy Socks

I have a few pair of the fuzziest, coziest, warmest socks ever. And while my water is boiling, I get my socks and put them on. The very act of doing this starts to relax me. It’s like a Pavlovian kind of thing. My body knows that these socks mean healing hot tea and relaxation are on the way.

2.  A Favorite Tea Cup

I’m not a dainty-little-china-tea-cup kind of person. I have a few tea cups that I rotate, depending upon my mood at tea time. One of my favorite relaxing tea mugs is a hefty ceramic mug with a tea basket and a lid, but no cup handle. I have found that holding the body of the hot cup in two hands relaxes me even more. I brew my tea and put the lid on so it stays really hot. Then, I can set it down wherever I intend to sit, let it brew a bit, then I can remove the lid and place the tea basket in the lid so that I don’t have to get back up again. This works even if you are using a tea bag and don’t need the loose tea basket, because the lid acts as a great receptacle for a used tea bag too.

3. You CAN Keep Your Phone Nearby

This is a departure to what I usually say. I hate that cellphones are on us or near us all the time. So, I used to insist that everyone put their phones far away during a relaxing ritual.

I take it back!

I have found that too many people get way too stressed if their phones are not within reach… “just in case…”  And then relaxation goes out the window.

So, if that’s you, then keep it near you. Don’t answer it and don’t pick it up to read or to scroll unless you have to. But know it’s there just in case…


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4. Sit Near A Window

If you can sit by a window that can be opened, open it… even if it’s just a small amount.  Fresh air, energy from the sun, the trees, the breeze… all can help you relax and revive.

Even if your window cannot be opened, gaze outside. Just the simple act of looking at things outside can calm your mind. I especially love this on a rainy or snowy day.

5. Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply is an age old relaxation technique. I want you to breathe deeply during each part of your tea ritual. While you are waiting for the water to boil, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. I like to breathe in the same amount of time that I breathe out. So try closing your eyes, breathing in deeply for five counts and then exhaling for five counts. Do this as many times as you can while waiting for the water to boil. Then do it some more while you are drinking your tea. You’ll be amazed how relaxing this is.

6. Use Your Favorite Tea Kettle

Honestly, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a favorite tea kettle until I started loving my healing teas so much. And then I bought a new kettle. And there’s just something about it that makes me really happy. I am aware that this sounds silly, but it’s really true. My kettle is small and has a really long spout, and it just pours perfectly. It feels smooth in my hand and I can pour the water into the cup from way high up and watch the smooth stream of water fill my favorite mug.

This is my favorite tea kettle.

relaxing tea rituals

By creating a simple relaxing tea ritual, you are giving your body and your mind a reason to slow down. Once you get into the habit of having a relaxing tea drinking ritual, your body will start to react immediately. As soon as you fill up your favorite kettle, you will start to relax. By the time your tea is done you will be rejuvenated and happier.

Once you get your relaxing tea ritual game on, try this ritual will these alternative healing hot drinks for tea lovers.

Take some pics when you are relaxing with your tea. Post them on Instagram, and tag me… I just love this stuff!

relaxing tea drinking ritual



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