Paleo Buffalo Chicken Meatballs With Ranch

These Paleo Buffalo Chicken Meatballs With Ranch are the perfect make-ahead food… and they are healing!

Everyone seems to have a go-to dish that finds it way into every party or entertaining occasion. You know the one. It’s the one you can make easily, that can be made in advance, that looks pretty, and that everyone seems to like. For me, that dish is usually some type of meatball.

Meatballs are awesome. They make me happy. Dunno why… it just is so.

There are so many kinds to be made.

I love to think of the occasion, the season, the diners, and, then I figure out what kind of balls are called for.

These past few months alone, I think I’ve made Vietnamese meatballs, Italian meatballs, turkey meatballs, cheese-stuffed meatballs, and now… these Paleo Buffalo Chicken Meatballs.

So, are people tired of my meatballs? Nope. Why is that? Because no …

Butternut Squash Sausage Frittata

Butternut squash can help reduce inflammation in the body… so if you are suffering from achy joints, here’s your excuse to eat more of this awesome fall wonder! Some of my best menopause-friendly recipes are made with butternut squash… it’s amazing!

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite meals. Truth be told, I love dinner for breakfast too… But, this butternut squash sausage frittata is definitely breakfast food that’s awesome for dinner. Hmmm, now that I think about it, it’s also dinner food that’s great for breakfast… yikes, what the heck am I talking about?

Anyway, the other night my family requested bagels and lots of bagel-accessories for dinner. Anyone who knows me knows that the only bagels I have in my house are grain-free bagels. Let me assure you that grain-free bagels are not what my family was requesting. So, I went around the corner, bought fresh-out-of-the-oven whole-grain …

Chicken Souvlaki Bowls

These Chicken Souvlaki Bowls will help with your mental concentration and energy levels… chicken & coconut… a great combo for body & mind energy…

I don’t know how or when it started, but somewhere along the way my family just assumed they were eating healthy when they ordered in Greek food. I do love Greek food… but really, souvlaki in a pita smothered in sauce (no matter how delicious), is just not a healthy meal. But, thankfully, this recipe for chicken souvlaki bowls is easy to make, healthy, and even more delicious than if it came from your favorite Greek restaurant. This bowl is completely paleo (if you use grain-free pita bread), dairy-free (the yogurt is coconut yogurt), and Whole 30 friendly, so let the healthy eating begin!

And yes, I am one of those people that truly believes that almost everything tastes better in a bowl. Just look at …