Matcha Chia Pudding

This matcha chia pudding combines the healing power of matcha and chia seeds… make it the night before and be amazed!

Last week when I was really tired and a bit achy, my acupuncturist/mentor recommended green tea, but in the form of matcha or sencha. These intense green tea powders are so good for you, but I had forgotten all about them.

Honestly, I don’t know how I forgot about them because matcha seems to be everywhere these days… everywhere I look there are matcha smoothies, matcha cookies, matcha lattes. So, I figured, why not matcha chia pudding…

I do love a good chia pudding. Really, if you can make something the night before and have it ready for breakfast when you wake up, and have it taste delicious, what’s not to love?

This chia pudding is great. It’s not too sweet, has a distinctive green tea flavor, and is …

Perfect Baked Fish Fillets

Sometimes you just want perfect baked fish fillets… here’s how to do it.

Since we moved into our new apartment I haven’t been cooking much fish. This is a hardship for me because I truly love seafood. But the first time I made fish here, the smell lingered for days. It was so bad that I couldn’t imagine how to fix this, so I ignored the issue and just didn’t cook it here again.

This week I decided, enough is enough… I really want my fish! Not only did I make this recipe once, but I made a version of it 3 times. Not only didn’t it smell bad, but I was able to perfect the recipe.

I learned a few things about myself: One is that sometimes I can be not too bright — it turns out the reason the seafood smelled so badly the first time was that …