Pineapple Protein Smoothie Bowl

The first time I made this pineapple protein smoothie bowl it was a bright summer day.  Ah, I remember it well — shining sun, warm breeze, still daylight when it was time for dinner…  Today, it’s much different.  It’s cold and dreary. And raining. And it’s dark at 4:30. And everyone around me has a cold and a sore throat. I mean, there are tissues everywhere… yuk.

So, I did what I love to do — try to make everything and everyone better with food. That means making dishes with turmeric and ginger and some of my awesome Chinese and Ayurvedic supplements.  But honestly, I was starting to have a hard time making the sickies eat so much soup.  I figured if I went in the opposite direction, maybe it would work.  I took my original recipe for this smoothie bowl and I added some magic.

And, by magic I …