foods to improve your mood

17 Foods To Boost Your Mood

It’s pretty awesome that there are foods you can eat to elevate your mood. It’s true that food really IS medicine! The next time you need a little mood boost or emotional pick-me-up, pull out this list of 17 Foods To Boost Your Mood…

foods to improve your mood

One of the most beautiful things about being a chef with a background in Chinese medicine, is that I’m able to help you adjust your diet to accomplish things that most people would never even think could be done with foods.

I’m a huge fan of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, and I recommend a myriad of these herbs to my clients. But, I only like to do this with my private clients, because herbs are really like a form of medicine, and I really like to know a person well before I suggest which herbs to take.

BUT, foods are different. They are awesome. They ARE medicine!

Every food has its own specific healing property. Some foods are great to boost your immune system, others are great to boost your energy or reduce your inflammation. And… wait for it… there are many foods that actually can activate the happiness center in your brain to elevate your mood.

Happy foods! Who doesn’t want these?

So, here’s a list of 17 foods to boost your mood and rid yourself of the doldrums. If you are having a bad day, try eating a few of these and you will be amazed at how good you will feel.

  1. Chickpeas
  2. Hot peppers
  3. White beans
  4. Strawberries
  5. Oregano
  6. Basil
  7. Capers
  8. Zucchini
  9. Wild salmon
  10. Broccoli
  11. Camu Camu powder
  12. Maca root powder
  13. Raw cacao
  14. Avocados
  15. Red or black grapes
  16. Sesame seeds
  17. Shiitake mushrooms

You can eat the above foods any way and any time you want.  I’m not above eating a spoonful of capers… but I’m a bit of a weirdo…  But, going on the assumption that you are not as odd as I am, here’s a few recipes to make using these happy foods:

Okay, I’m going to start with one of my favorite drink recipes. But you have to promise that you are not going to poo-poo it until you’ve tried it. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but this Mushroom Superfood Iced Chocolate really tastes like the creamiest chocolate beverage you’ve ever had. Do you remember yoo-hoo (I guess I’m dating myself with that reference)? Talk about a happy drink — the mushrooms and the raw cacao will make you smile.

mushroom superfood iced chocolate


Since we know that zucchini, and basil, and avocado all have mood elevating capabilities, you really should try this deliciously simple recipe for Zoodles With Creamy Avocado Pesto. This is so refreshing and creamy that the taste alone will make you and your family and friends happy… add to that the happiness properties of all three of these ingredients and you’ve got a true mood boosting recipe.

zoodles with creamy avocado pesto


This Salmon With Parsley Sauce is so refreshing and simple to make. Two of this recipe’s  ingredients are mood boosting foods: wild salmon and capers. If you want to add a little basil to the sauce, you’d have a mood elevating trifecta…

salmon with parsley sauce

The bottom line is that you can improve your emotional, physical, and spiritual being with foods.  All you need is the knowledge and I love to share… so don’t be afraid to reach out by email or in the comments below! Keep this list of 17 foods to boost your mood and go eat and be happy!

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