Healthy No Cook Breakfasts

Everyone needs to know how to prepare some healthy no cook breakfasts for busy mornings. I’ve got some great ones below — for everyone in your family!

birthday cake chia pudding

It seems as if we’re all running around at full speed. All the time. When you are spinning like a top in the morning, it can be really hard to find time for breakfast for yourself, your partner, your kids… for anyone.

My goal here is to give you some awesome healthy breakfast ideas that are so easy, you’ll have no excuse not to eat them.

Healthy no cook breakfasts are a real thing. They are an awesome thing. They are really necessary in my house. Sometimes I think my kids would have starved without some of these…

Just because your breakfast is simple and doesn’t require any cooking, it doesn’t mean that this is a “throw away” meal. Food is medicine and simple, no cook food, can be just as healing and delicious as something that you’ve slaved over… it can be just what your body needs.

Some of these healthy no cook breakfasts can be made the night before and stored in your fridge.

Come on, what’s better than waking up, opening your refrigerator, and seeing a delicious breakfast waiting for you?

Better still, how about if your kids can grab something healthy…

Some of these are great for your kids. This is really important — your kids need healing foods too — no pop tarts are necessary when you can grab the oatmeal I’ll tell you about below.

Some, require 1 minute in a blender. Whiz it up. Done.

So, this is your time for no excuses. Feed your body what it needs and it will thank you. And, these healthy no cook breakfasts are amazingly delicious. So NO EXCUSES. It’s day one. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. And all of those other cliches…

1. Blueberry Orange Chia Pudding

blueberry orange chia pudding

Here’s a really good recipe for a great chia pudding.  All this recipe requires is adding a few things to a jar, shaking it up, and putting it in the fridge before you go to sleep. It’s awesome!

Chia seeds are ancient seeds that got their name from the Mayan word for “strength”. These tiny seeds have the unique ability to turn liquid into a gel-like substance when making puddings and they are great added to smoothies and shakes. They are really good for you because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. They give this pudding the consistency of rice pudding, so it’s a delicious breakfast that your body and your tastebuds will love!

Blueberries are filled with antioxidants and have been shown to help fight cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. In some circles, they are known as “longevity berries.”

Oranges will help boost your levels of vitamins A, B and C. In Chinese medicine, oranges have been used for many years to help coughs, colds and anorexia. Lately, oranges have been widely touted for their ability to help heal colon cancer. I peel my oranges and lay the rinds in the sun to dry, and save them for tea or for cooking because the orange rinds are an actual Chinese herb. I dry out the peels of oranges, tangerines, clementines… whatever I have. Dried tangerine peel, or chen pi, as it’s known in Chinese medicine, is one of the greatest and most easily accessible herbs around. It’s especially good for digestive issues like abdominal discomfort, distention, fullness, bloating, belching, and nausea. It’s also great if you have a cough with a heavy or stuffy chest.

2. Modern Oats

healthy no cook breakfasts

Oatmeal is one of the things that can be healthy, or it can be… ummm…. less than healthy. It depends how it’s made. And, until now, I’ve always put instant oatmeal in the less than healthy category.

But that has changed. Enter: Apple Cinnamon Ginger Oatmeal by Modern Oats.

Instant oatmeal is great for busy mornings. And, it’s great for children. This oatmeal comes in a cup, instead of a packet, making it perfect to grab and eat on the run. My kids used to eat on the school bus; I wish these oats had been around then! This is a much better choice than most muffins, toast, and toaster pastry type things…

In my book, in order to be healthy, oatmeal must be organic. Oats are so heavily treated with pesticides and sprayed with so many chemicals, that eating only oats that are organic has become a necessity.

These oats are organic. And all you have to do is add hot water.

To really make them healthy and delicious, Modern Oats has a variety that contains apples, cinnamon, and ginger — delicious and healthy.

Oats are great for the digestive system — they make you feel better if you are feeling bloated or have indigestion. This ancient grain can also help reduce some types of swelling in the body. There’s nothing more comforting than a good warm bowl of oats!

3. Birthday Cake Chia Pudding

birthday cake chia pudding

Here’s a chia pudding that even your kids will love. It’s really vanilla-y and sweet and creamy and oh so delicious. This simple birthday cake chia pudding recipe will make even someone who thinks they don’t like this kind of thing a big believer.

Mix all of the ingredients in a jar, shake ’em up, cover, and store in fridge the night before. In the morning, open the fridge and smile!

Chia seeds are ancient seeds that got their name from the Mayan word for “strength”. These tiny seeds have the unique ability to turn liquid into a gel-like substance when making puddings and they are great added to smoothies and shakes. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids,and fiber. And, because they are so high in antioxidants, they help keep your skin looking younger. They help optimize both your digestive system and your cardiovascular system.

This chia pudding is sweetened with pure maple syrup. This is a great sweetener to use because it contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in the body (think inflammatory bowel syndrome or heart disease). It also contains zinc, calcium, and magnesium. It’s much lower on the glycemic scale than traditional sugar. Whenever possible, use a darker (grade B) syrup because the nutritional composition is better than that of lighter syrups.

4. Berry Fig Yogurt Parfait

berry fig yogurt parfait

If you haven’t yet tried some of the great non dairy yogurts available, you’re really missing something wonderful. This Berry Fig Yogurt Parfait is made with creamy coconut yogurt. And lots of berries. And delicious fresh figs. Oh, there’s bee pollen on the top too. And sprouted pumpkin seeds…

It’s deliciously healthy superfood heaven in a glass.

Figs have the highest amount of calcium of any fruit and are a good source of fiber. They are good for anemia, constipation, indigestion and fever, and they are also good at fighting fatigue and boosting memory retention.

All berries are good for you and contain antioxidants. As a general rule, the darker the color, the more antioxidants, making blackberries even better than other berries at fighting cancer and other illnesses. Blackberries also can help relieve intestinal inflammation and diarrhea, and they are good for your skin. And, even more importantly, they taste great…

You can customize this healthy no cook breakfast in any way you like.

5. Espresso Chocolate Chip Smoothie

10 breakfasts to boost your energy

This is the breakfast smoothie to top all breakfast smoothies. This Espresso Chocolate Chip Smoothie is great for energy, takes mere minutes to make, and tastes amazingly delicious.

Raw cacao is a superfood. It is packed with magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals. Not only is it packed with health benefits, but it actually has properties that help the body absorb nutrients better and it’s filled with antioxidants. Cacao can actually be translated as “food of the gods”… Raw cacao can help lower blood pressure, promote healthy heart function, improve digestion, and may even help increase the libido. This recipe makes use of raw cacao powder and raw cacao nibs.

This energy producing smoothie is sweetened with dates. Dates are rich in potassium, dietary fiber and tannins. Fiber is good for your gut and tannins help the body fight inflammation and infection. Dates are also rich in vitamin A and iron. The most amazing thing about dates is that they can be used to replace sugar in almost anything. I stopped using sweetened protein powders in my smoothies and now I use unsweetened ones but I add a few dates.

There are so many great healthy choices for breakfast even when you have so little time. So, no excuses. Pick at least one recipe from above and make it this week. Your body will thank you.



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