New York City Wellness Consultants

At Kitchen Of Youth, we understand the hustle and bustle of New York City life. We get you. We know how important looking and feeling young and healthy is. We will come up with a plan geared specifically for your unique body and circumstances.

Look Younger, Be Healthier…

We can help you heal almost any condition in your body with food and herbs. Yup, that’s a bold statement but the power of foods and herbs – when used correctly – is limitless.  Stacey Isaacs is a professional chef with a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, and she combines both of these ways to heal you. It’s fun… and easy! So whether you are looking to heal an illness, manage your weight, minimize stress, boost your energy, boost your immune system, fix your digestion, or look younger… we’ve got the food plan for you.


We Make This Easy For You

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken Recipe

What could be easier than a slow cooker whole chicken recipe? Nothing! And it’s moist and delicious!

It seems almost everyone is a huge slow cooker fan.

Even though I completely understand the draw — I mean, they are easy — I never completely jumped on the slow cooker bandwagon (mostly because I don’t feel I’m that good at it…)

But, everywhere I turn, I see recipes for EVERYTHING in a slow cooker.

You know what they say… you like what you’re good at? Well, my slow cooker food is often not my best food. When you see me post a slow cooker recipe, I’ve usually had to test it over and over again to finally get a great result. I think this might be due to the fact that once you put the ingredients in, you can’t fiddle with them and keep tasting it to adjust the seasonings, etc.…