springtime in NYC

10 Things Making Me Smile This Week

Thanks for joining me for this 10 Things Making Me Smile This Week post.

springtime in NYC

Thanks for joining me for this edition of Things Making Me Smile This Week. Practicing gratitude is so important for your mind and your body. And, in a way, these posts are a sort of gratitude journal for me. I hope these things make you smile and remind you of all of the beauty, laughter, good food, and fun times all around us.

I just love springtime in New York City. Every time I go outside, I make sure I walk a different route to wherever I’m going. The brownstones are so gorgeous. The window boxes filled with flowers and greens are beautiful and fragrant. It sounds corny, but these springtime walks make me happy to be alive.

My knee has been healing nicely from surgery, and each day I’m walking more and more. I feel like I’m seeing everything through a child’s eyes because each block I walk down has so many new things that I haven’t been out to see. The weather has been awesome here in the city; it’s hard not to smile!

I did a spring dietary cleanse last week and I’m continuing on with some of the components. My goal is to have a big green or red juice every single morning during this season. I can’t even tell you how energized this is making me! I highly recommend jumping on the juicing bandwagon at least several days a week; I think you will be amazed at how much energy you can have. If you’d like some guidance with this, drop me a comment below.

Here are 10 things that made me smile this week:

1.  I’ve been having a lot of groceries delivered since my knee surgery. I never thought I’d like this because I really do like to pick out my own items at the market, but I don’t hate it as much I was prepared to. This week I saw an article explaining why having your groceries delivered can actually save you money and I totally agree!

2.  This is the perfect season for good margaritas! Here are a lot of great margarita recipes. I’m partial to my recipe for this Healing Grapefruit Margarita, but so many of these look amazing.

Healing Grapefruit Margarita

3.  These are the most colorful destinations in the world. Travel goals for sure!

4. Here are 8 ways to use your freezer to be healthier. I just love a good health hack.

5. Apparently, dessert hummus is a thing. I’m in!

6. Self-care is a big buzzword now. It’s so important. Here’s a great article on how to prioritize self-care.

7. It’s iced coffee season! Here are the best plant-based milks for coffee.

things making me smile

8. I can’t wait to try this recipe for Make Ahead Ice Water Salad. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

9.  How many of these 5 habits of intelligent people do you have?

10. Because I cook grain-free everyday, it’s easy for me to cook for Passover. This Grain-Free Banana Bread is perfect.

grain free banana bread

Thanks for joining me for this 10 Things Making Me Smile This Week post. Be sure to write in and let me know what’s making you smile.

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