Beet Hummus

                           Beets are good for endurance and digestion!

I used to make homemade hummus all the time. I don’t know why I stopped, but stop I did. I think I forgot how easy it is to make it and how much better it tastes than those store-bought containers. But, let me tell you, it is easier to make homemade hummus than it is to go out to the store and buy it! And when you can add in your own flavors, there’s no need to ever buy it. Hmmmm…. I hope I remember this next time. Anyway, this Beet Hummus is delicious! And, look how pretty!

Long, long ago, when I would be preparing for a dinner party, I fixated on the appetizers. I would put out pretty platters of way too many finger foods and dips. I loved to make them and I loved the idea of eating all of …

Cauliflower Chickpea Soup

Chickpeas can soothe irritability and boost your mood!

This is one of my most-requested soup recipes (especially from my daughter — it’s her favorite). I first published this cauliflower chickpea soup recipe many years ago when I first started blogging. In fact, this soup is one of the reasons I started blogging — so many people wanted this recipe, that I figured I would post it on-line… and the rest is history.

Now, years later, my daughter came to visit this week and it still put a big smile on her face when she called me on her way here and said she was hungry and I was able to tell her that this soup was waiting for her. You just gotta love a kid who can be made happy by the little things in life…   It makes me especially happy that she loves food and I love to cook!…