Recipes To Keep You On Track In 2020

How’s your new healthy routine going? These recipes to keep you on track in 2020 will make your healthy lifestyle simple and fun!

chicken and corn skillet

Every year we state emphatically that “This is the year I’m really going to stick to my healthy eating plan!”

And then life gets in the way, and it just seems too hard.

If this is you, then I have a challenge for you. I want you to pick out 3 of the recipes in this post, make them, and see how you feel. Each one of these recipes has healing ingredients, is made with whole foods, can be easily made dairy-free, and comes with it’s own health coach…


When you make one of these recipes, if you message me, email me, comment below with questions, or sign up for a free phone consultation with me, I will answer your questions and make this healing journey of yours so much easier for you. I will even walk you through the recipes if you want me to do that. I want to answer your questions. I’m a chef who loves to teach. I’m an Eastern medicine practitioner who loves to heal. Please, ask away!

My passion is helping you heal yourself with food and herbs. It’s truly my calling. When I was studying for my Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine, I knew that all of these amazing tenets of Eastern Medicine could be applied to food and used as everyday healing agents for so many people. I knew that if I combined what I was learning about the properties of food, herbs, and supplements with what I already knew from my chef’s training, it would be life-changing.

And it is!

If you eat the right foods and herbs for your unique body and circumstances, you can heal yourself. All you need is the correct information. And I’m here to give it to you. So, read on and you’ll find some delicious recipes that you can make to actually heal yourself.  And, if you want to learn more about healing whatever your specific concerns are, I’d love to help you create a healthy lifestyle plan specifically for your unique needs, so sign up for a free phone consultation and we can chat about it.

Here Are Some Of My Favorite Recipes To Keep You On Track In 2020

Be sure to also look at my Healthy Living Plan For The New Year.

1. Paleo Creamy Carrot Soup

paleo blender carrot soup

Soup is one of the simplest ways to stick to a healthy eating plan. Make a big pot, keep the leftovers in the fridge for the week, and there’ll always be something healing there when you need it! This Paleo Creamy Carrot Soup is simple and delicious and it’s great for your digestion and your immune system.

2. Pan Seared Salmon With Bruschetta Sauce

pan seared salmon with bruschetta sauce

This Pan Seared Salmon With Bruschetta Sauce will help you fight off illnesses, boost your energy, and soothe your digestion. The sauce is cold and refreshing and the salmon is hot and delicious. You’re going to make this one over and over again!

3. Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe

Simple roast chicken is one of the most mentally and physically healing things you can eat. But, sometimes you don’t have time to roast a whole bird at the end of the day. Here’s the answer: This Slow Cooker Whole Chicken requires very little effort; the slow cooker does all the work!

4. Chicken And Corn Skillet

chicken and corn skillet

This Chicken And Corn Skillet has chicken, corn, bacon, and a rich creamy sauce — yet it’s healing! It’s great to build up strength and it is a heart-healthy dish that’s all made and served in a single skillet.

5. Seafood Salad With Garlic And Oil

the healthy cooking oils you should be using

This Seafood Salad With Garlic And Oil may be my favorite recipe of all times. I make this any time I’m hosting a large crowd — trust me, it’s amazing. The garlic dressing will boost your immune system and keep you healthy and the clams will keep you strong!

6. Pork Chili With Bok Choy

pork chili with bok choy

Everyone needs a good healthy chili in their cooking repertoire. This Pork Chili With Bok Choy should be in yours. Pork is good for your digestion, bok choy will keep you healthy, and there’s even some turmeric in this bowl to help reduce your inflammation.

7. Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

apple cinnamon smoothie

This Apple Cinnamon Smoothie tastes like apple pie in smoothie form. It’s great for your heart, your immune system, and it helps build strength.

8. Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

vegetarian shepherd's pie

This is so comforting and so delicious, nobody will miss the meat. Make this Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie when you are feeling like you need a bit more energy.

9. The World’s Best Nut Butter

6 nuts you should be eating for your health

The title says it all. This really is The World’s Best Nut Butter. There are 6 Nuts You Should Be Eating For Your Health — feel free to mix and match them in this recipe!

10. Flourless Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

6 nuts you should be eating for your health

Dessert is good for the spirit. It makes us happy. These Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of my most requested recipes. They are made from dates and walnuts. They are healthy and will make you smile!

If you make any of these recipes, please let me know in the comments below and be sure to tag me on Instagram because that makes me really happy!





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