reducing anxiety and stress

Natural Remedies For Reducing Anxiety And Stress

When you take advantage of the right food, herbs, and supplements, you truly can change your life. These natural remedies for reducing anxiety and stress will do just that!

reducing anxiety and stress

Our lives are so crazy these days. We are doing so many things and multi-tasking has become the norm. Severe multi-tasking.

Perhaps this is the reason that anxiety and stress are on the rise. Or, perhaps it’s because loneliness is also on the rise.

We have both ends of the spectrum in our lives. Spinning around like a top doing anything and everything for everyone AND having too much alone time so that it causes loneliness.

Ugh. Life can be so hard…

But, here’s the bright side (and there always is one): If you know which food, herbs, and supplements to incorporate into your daily life, you will always be able to lower your anxiety and stress naturally — on your own. Just by opening your refrigerator or your pantry. It’s easy if you know what to do.

If you eat the right foods and herbs for your unique body and circumstances, you can heal yourself. All you need is the correct information. And I’m here to give it to you. So, read on and I’ll tell you all about the natural remedies for reducing anxiety and stress. And, if you want to learn more about healing whatever your specific concerns are, I’d love to help you create a healthy lifestyle plan specifically for your unique needs, so sign up for a free phone consultation and we can chat about it.

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I want you to try as many of these natural remedies for reducing anxiety and stress as possible. Each one of them can be incorporated into your everyday routine. To help you remember to use them, leave them on your kitchen counter where you can easily see them. Each time you cook something, pour something to drink, or put something into the blender, add some of these foods, herbs, and supplements.

You need to have a “food as fuel” mentality to truly get the most out of what you ingest. Each time you eat or drink something, think to yourself: “what is this doing for my body, my mind, my spirit?” If the answer is nothing, then don’t eat it! But, if you use the items I list below, you will always be fueling your body with high-test.

I’ve got so many recipes to share with you. So, scroll down to the bottom of this post, and make some of these recipes that use these foods, herbs, and supplements that are natural remedies for reducing anxiety and stress.

Eat These Foods To Help Reduce Anxiety And Stress

1. Hot Peppers

Hot peppers contain more vitamin C than any other vegetable and they are good at fighting off the common cold. So, if you like spice, as I do, use a generous amount of whatever hot peppers you like. The main component of hot peppers is capsicum. Capsicum actually works with your body and mind to make you feel happy. It’s also good for reducing swelling and can relieve arthritic joint pain. If you have high blood pressure, check with your doctor before eating too many hot peppers because they can actually raise the blood pressure in some people.

2. Olive Oil

It’s clear that the incidence of depression and anxiety can be worsened in people who are on low- fat diets. Your brain needs healthy fats. The happiness center in your brain will thank you when you feed it healthy fats like olive oil. This happiness portion of your brain goes haywire when it doesn’t get enough of the proper hormones — like serotonin and dopamine. Olive oil can help these levels. I add extra-virgin olive oil to everything. Every time I cook a meal, I swirl a generous drizzle of this healthy oil on top of my food — I urge you to do the same.

Here’s a great article on The Healing Power Of Olive Oil.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds contain magnesium, which can help you deal with stress. Research also shows that pumpkin seeds may reduce blood sugar and increase bone density. And, because they are rich in iron, they are good if you are tired or have anemia.

4. Blueberries

Blueberries are filled with antioxidants and have been shown to help fight cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. In some circles, they are known as “longevity berries.” I have found that because these beauties help with concentration and memory, they also help you deal with the daily stresses at work… and yum!

5. Chickpeas

Chickpeas actually help calm the spirit. They relieve anxiety and soothe irritability… it kind of makes you realize why hummus is so popular…

6. White Beans

White beans are good at boosting energy and calming the mind. They can help improve your memory and can lower cholesterol. And, they are a great source of protein.

7. Avocados

Balancing stress and balancing hormones go hand in hand. Often, when you are feeling really stressed, it’s because your hormones are out of balance. Same goes for mood. The monounsaturated fats found in avocados have been shown to help with depression. Avocados are rich in Vitamin B and many times anxiety occurs because of a B deficiency. This in itself is reason enough to amp up your avocado intake!

8. Collard Greens

Collard greens help build strong bones, lessen constipation, help reduce stress, and help detoxify your body. They have almost no calories but do have a lot of fiber. They contain vitamins A, C, and K and are filled with minerals like calcium and manganese. One of the best things about collards is that they are great at preventing the buildup of cholesterol!

9. Capers

Capers, although small in size, are a big source of anti-oxidants, and they actually can make you feel better emotionally because they activate the “happiness” center of your brain.

10. Salmon

Salmon is the perfect food to nourish the blood and the yin. It’s especially great for women because it raises fertility levels by promoting a healthy endometrial lining. Salmon is also great for anyone who is in need of additional iron. Be sure to buy wild salmon because the levels of mercury are lower than in farmed salmon. This beautiful fish also contains large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, making it a good food source to combat breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, asthma, depression and diabetes. Lately there’s also been a lot of evidence that salmon is great at reducing intestinal inflammation and that it’s also good for your joints and muscles.

These Herbs Will Help Lessen Your Anxiety And Stress

1. Fresh Basil

Basil is a spiritual herb — the scent actually calms you; you can boil some in a pot and let the aroma fill the air, you can just leave some around the house in vases or glasses, and you can toss a bunch in your bath water (I love to do this).
Eating basil is easy. Most of the time you can leave it raw. You can make pestos and sauces and add the leaves to your salads, use it instead of lettuce on your sandwiches and wraps, and even add it to smoothies.

2. Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms (also called Ganoderma) are a Chinese herb called Ling Zhi. This herb will calm your spirit and your mind. It also can help you sleep more peacefully. Reishi comes in powder, tablet, liquid, and capsule forms.

Reishi is like magic. In Chinese medicine, we know it as a longevity herb. I recommend taking it in capsule or powder form (from a reputable organic company) before bed every night. It calms the mind, reduces stress, and boosts the immune system.

3. Chamomile

Chamomile is a flower that’s most often used as a tea. This herb can help balance your mood. Many people drink chamomile tea when they are trying to wind down at the end of the day, because this tea is so calming. And, if you are a tea lover like I am, read this: These 5 Chinese Herbal Teas Will Heal You.

4. Rhodiola

Rhodiola comes from a flowering plant. It comes in powder form and is considered to be a brain tonic that is great for mental clarity and also great at reducing anxiety and balancing hormones. Rhodiola is an adaptogen, so it has the ability to balance your nervous system, hormones, heart, and strength.

These Superfoods And Supplements Help Reduce Anxiety And Stress

1. Maca Root

Maca Root is one of the superfoods I take every day. It has many healthy benefits including increasing libido, helping menopausal symptoms, relieving menstrual cramps, regulating hormones, and increasing energy. Maca is also an adaptogen so it works within your body to regulate and balance your body’s systems. It’s been shown to improve mood and reduce depression.

I like to use an organic maca root powder and add it to my smoothies on a daily basis.

2. Raw Cacao

Raw cacao is a superfood that is packed with magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals. Not only is it packed with health benefits, but it actually has properties that help the body absorb nutrients better and it’s filled with antioxidants. Cacao can actually be translated as “food of the gods”… Raw cacao can help lower blood pressure, promote healthy heart function, improve digestion, and may even help increase the libido. This recipe makes use of raw cacao powder and raw cacao nibs.

Because cacao is such an excellent source of so many minerals, it’s great for balance. It contains a whole host of minerals and amino acids that heal you — magnesium, serotonin and tryptophan being a few that are good for your mood.

3. Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is one of the most nutritious substances you can put in your body. It is higher in protein than anything animal-based and it contains an amazing amount of amino acids. It’s good for your energy, your skin, your stress level, your breathing and your allergies. It may even help protect against prostate cancer! Add a spoonful to whatever you can.

4. Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is known in Asian cultures as the secret to the fountain of youth and eternal beauty. It also elevates your mood, and is both stimulating and relaxing at the same time. It’s great to balance your hormones. I suggest taking a teaspoon of royal jelly topped with a sprinkling of bee pollen before bed. It seems odd, but it’s awesome.

5. Spirulina

This green powder has as much iron as red meat, but it’s a form of blue-green algae. It helps to balance your brain chemistry, thereby keeping you on an even keel. You can find spirulina in powder and in tablet form. I put a spoonful of powder into my smoothies. It has a very distinct taste, so I recommend putting it into smoothies with some raw cacao — all you’ll taste is the chocolate!

6. Camu Camu

Camu Camu is a plant-based powder that has the ability to boost your immune system and balance your mood. It has a large amount of vitamin C, can reduce inflammation, and can help improve mental clarity.

Recipes Using These Natural Remedies For Reducing Anxiety And Stress

If you make any of these recipes, please let me know in the comments below and be sure to tag me on Instagram because that makes me really happy!

1. Hot Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Hot Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

This Hot Chocolate Smoothie Bowl is a great way to get in so many of these foods, herbs, and supplements. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit.

2. Pineapple Protein Smoothie Bowl

pineapple protein smoothie bowl

This Pineapple Protein Smoothie Bowl will make you smile just by looking at it. But don’t let it’s good looks fool you — it can hide so many of the ingredients we spoke about above!

3. Berry Fig Yogurt Parfait

berry fig yogurt parfait

I like to make this Berry Fig Yogurt Parfait and top it with as many of the above anxiety and stress busting ingredients as possible!

4. Baked Eggplant Chickpea Skillet

baked eggplant chickpea skillet

This delicious Eggplant And Chickpea Skillet, contains chickpeas and basil — both will make you feel better.

5. Paleo Blueberry Cobbler

paleo blueberry cobbler

This Paleo Blueberry Cobbler is absolutely delicious. It’s a great way to reduce stress and anxiety — just sit down, put a big forkful in your mouth, and let the blueberries work their magic.

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