Grain-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

These grain-free peanut butter cookies will make you smile.

In our house, dessert is a must. And this is because Steve thinks he has to have some kind of dessert after every dinner. I don’t really go this route. I mean, if I’m full from dinner, I don’t need dessert. But, I get that a lot of people are like Steve. These paleo peanut butter cookies are perfect — paleo, delicious, and they only have four ingredients!

Having a healthy dessert that can be grabbed in an instant is imperative. I say imperative because I’m not made of steel. If I don’t have a “safe” dessert available, he will bring in all sorts of crap, and depending on what it is, I might be tempted.  It’s beyond me how a man who is so smart can think that because a box says “healthy” or “natural” that it must be so.…