Slow Cooker Vegan Split Pea Soup

Green peas are good to keep you digestive system working properly… so, if hormones or menopause has been making you feel a little “sluggish”, this is a great dish for you!

I remember many years ago when all of these awesome soup spots opened up in Manhattan, and I thought it was the greatest idea ever! I used to go and get a different soup every day. Steve used to go and get the same 2 soups: split pea or black bean. There I was, ordering mulligatawny soup or borscht or spicy gumbo and I loved it, but no one was happier than Steve with his steaming bowl of split pea soup. My recipe for Slow Cooker Vegan Split Pea Soup is an homage to those quieter, gentler, less complicated days.

I admit, I am not a slow cooker aficionado. So, rather than experiment, this time I went the simpler …