10 things making me smile

10 Things Making Me Smile This Week

Thanks for joining me for this 10 Things Making Me Smile This Week post.

10 things making me smile

Thanks for joining me for another edition of 10 Things Making Me Smile This Week.  Each week I find so many things that make me excited, and I just want to share them with everyone, but then ultimately, I only share them with a few friends and family. Well, welcome to my friends and family. My goal is to share this stuff with you every Monday…

The weather gave us a tease here in New York this week — it was so nice out and even the crocus buds were poking through the ground in the tree beds along the city streets. But here it is winter again… brrrrrrr…. it’s windy and it’s cold out! Even though I am not a huge fan of the cold, I do love the whole blanky-on-the-couch-with-a-hot-cuppa-something. So, life is good. Here are 10 things making me smile this week

1.  I didn’t get to go to Expo West, but I truly enjoyed seeing what my fellow bloggers and health advocates found at this awesome show. Here are some of the great trends from this year’s show.

2.  I know St. Patrick’s Day is over, but I am a sucker for great green food. This post of beautiful and delicious green foods is calling my name.

3.  This hotel. In Italy. Built into a cliff. OMG!

4. It’s still full-on soup season! And I’ve been doing a lot of recipe testing of healing Chinese recipes for my new book. This Hot And Sour Soup is so much better than take-out and really hits the spot.

Hot And Sour Soup

5. A lot of my clients suffer from insomnia. I love this article about how an early morning routine can cure this! I can’t wait to see how many people find this helpful.

6. I’m a bit of a smoothie addict. I love experimenting with different healthy ingredients to see how healing I can make a smoothie while still having it taste delicious. These 8 Healthy No Banana Smoothies look great.

7.  It’s now possible to binge-watch Julia Child’s The French Chef TV shows! My hero!

10 things making me smile

8.  I think I need this outfit.

9.  I’m looking forward to working out again after my knee surgery next week. So, these 6 low-impact HIIT workouts look like they will be my friend for awhile.

10. I feel so good when I increase my intake of these 10 Foods To Keep You Young Inside And Out.

mushroom superfood iced chocolate

Thanks for joining me for this 10 Things Making Me Smile This Week post. Be sure to write in and let me know what’s making you smile.

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