health benefits of cilantro

Health Benefits Of Cilantro

There are many health benefits of cilantro. Keep reading to learn the how’s and why’s of adding cilantro into your diet — it’s worth it.
health benefits of cilantro

You either love cilantro or you hate it. I’m a lover. But if you are one of the people who really dislikes this herb, maybe you’ll change your mind about never eating it after you read about the health benefits of cilantro… keep scrolling and I’ll teach you how to add cilantro into some great recipes.

Cilantro is also known as Chinese Parsley. It is good for so many things that ail us! An old Chinese remedy for the common cold and even for measles was to drink cilantro and mint tea. I’m not telling you you have to take a shot of cilantro juice or make a cup of cilantro tea… but these are really good for you.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Cilantro

1. Boosts The Immune System

In Chinese medicine, we know that herbs that promote sweating are some of the greatest herbs to boost the immune system. These herbs help push a cold right out of your body by releasing the toxins through your pores. Cilantro promotes sweating … so if you feel a cold coming on, it’s time to make one of the recipes below.

2. Calms Anxiety

Cilantro calms the mind. Studies have shown that eating cilantro can reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.

3. Kills Bacteria

There are some herbs that kill bacteria. Oregano is the most commonly known herb that’s used for this purpose. But recent research shows that cilantro may possess the same anti bacterial qualities, especially when it comes to the bacteria that’s common to urinary tract infections.

4. Smoothes Digestion

I’ve researched and experimented with lots of herbs for IBS and other digestive conditions. Cilantro, it turns out, actually can really help you if you are bloated and/or nauseated.

So, now you know why you should be adding cilantro to your diet… so how are you going to accomplish this?

Simple Recipes Using Cilantro

1. Homemade Simple Guacamole


Even if you don’t love cilantro per se, you probably love guacamole. So, dip away with this awesome Homemade Simple Guacamole recipe.

2. Tomato And Herb Salad With Roasted Lemons

tomato and herb salad with roasted lemons

This Tomato And Herb Salad With Roasted Lemons is really refreshing and you can add as much cilantro as you like.

3. Raw Corn And Vegetable Salad

raw corn and vegetable saladThis is my favorite salad! I add tons of cilantro to this Raw Corn And Vegetable Salad — there’s also lots of basil and fresh veggies… oh my… it’s so delicious and so healing!

4. Szechuan Zoodles

szechuan zoodles

There’s a peanut buttery dressing on these Szechuan Zoodles, and they are soooooo delicious. Tons of fresh herbs make the flavors really pop!

5. Cold Cucumber Herb Soup

cold cucumber herb soup

This Cold Cucumber Soup tastes as good as it looks. Enough said.

I urge you pick at least one of the above recipes and to start your healing with cilantro! And then, sit back, enjoy your creation, and download my free ebook below:

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