can you give up what's making you sick

Can You Give Up What’s Making You Sick?

Can you give up what’s making you sick? Think about it… it’s not so easy.
can you give up what's making you sick

Are you willing to give up what is making you sick? Hippocrates said that before you heal someone, you should ask them this question. Hippocrates was a really smart guy… I am going to try asking all of my clients this question because it’s a doozy!

If you ask me this question, I give an emphatic “yes!” and I think most of us act on instinct and answer yes to this.⁠ But I want you to really think about it. What is making you sick and are you willing to give it up? Because it really is about will. As the saying goes, where there’s a will there’s a way…

⁠When I knew that dairy was making me sick, I gave it up without question. Cold turkey: no cheese, no ice cream, no milk. Done. I was able to do this because I was feeling so poorly and I was willing to do anything I had to do just to feel better. Same for coffee. But — and this is a big but — I also know that grains make me sick, so automatically I said sure, I can give that up…⁠ And I can, but am I willing to give up all breads and pastas and grains?

Can You Give Up What’s Making You Sick And Still Live A Balanced Life?

It’s so easy to rationalize not giving up something you love. I mean we tell ourselves that life is short so we should eat the cake or have one more drink. I know I’m guilty of this — I say I need to live a balanced life. And, balance really is important. We really do need to live a balanced life to be happy and healthy. But, and I’m going to get a little philosophical here… what is balance?

Life happens. And it’s hard. And sometimes I eat that pasta or that bread that’s calling my name. And then I feel like crap. Sometimes I regret doing this and sometimes I don’t. I think we each have to find our own balance. It’s about finding out not what we can do but what we are willing to do for our health. Since health includes both physical and emotional well-being, each one of us needs to find a way to strike our own balance between the mental and the physical. How good will that pasta make you feel mentally? Will you feel bad enough physically that your emotional high will take a nosedive and make it so it wasn’t worth it? Only you can know the answers to these questions.

So, if I eat the delicious garlic bread that makes me really happy in the moment does this mean I’m living a balanced life (like I tell myself), or does it mean I’m not willing to give up what’s making me sick? Hmmm… ⁠ food for thought.

This kind of personal experience allows me to be super in tune with what’s going on with my clients and the difficulties associated with doing what’s good for you all of the time. But, when you know what makes you feel bad, the choice becomes yours and you can take control of your health — even if you are not perfect all of the time. So, I understand completely the willingness to give up some things and not the others… but I also know how good you can feel when you take control of your diet! And, oh… changing your diet really does change your life… so take your life back!⁠

It’s all a matter of will. And, I’ve been through all phases of this balance journey, so if you have a question, just ask me, or better yet, sign up for a free phone consultation with  me and I’ll tell you which ones would work best for you and your needs. I’m such a geek that I really do get excited about doing this. So CLICK HERE to be taken directly into my calendar to sign up for your free phone consultation… I’d love to help you feel as great as possible — as great as you are willing to feel.

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