Roasted Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner

This roasted salmon sheet pan dinner is delicious, healthy, and so easy!

I think if I had to pick a cooking method that is my favorite way to cook, it would be roasting. Roasting is the most idiot-proof method of preparing food. When in doubt, roast it. You can roast meats, vegetables, fish, fruit… and if you season the food properly, it will almost always come out good.

A few days ago, my real estate agent told me she was showing my house around dinner time. What this meant to me was that the salmon in the fridge that was waiting to be cooked, would have to be cooked in the morning so as to avoid potential buyers thinking my house smelled bad. I’m not usually a big fan of cooking fish in advance, but I figured I’d try the sheet pan method, and to be honest, I was just …