Fried Wild Rice

If you love traditional fried rice, you will love this Fried Wild Rice even more. It’s got all the feels of take-out, but it’s grain-free.

I love traditional take-out Chinese food but it doesn’t love me. I still order it a few times a year… just to make sure… but even though I love it while I’m eating it, I am always sorry afterward. And yes, I guess I could order some selections that would be kinder to my digestive system, but I always rationalize that if I’m going to have it, I might as well order what I love.

I really do feel better when I eat a grain-free diet. For me, it’s not so much about the gluten as it is about the grain itself. And, there are a lot of people like me out there… everyone thinks it’s the gluten… but if you are digestively challenged, try …