top 5 reasons to eat avocados

5 Little Known Health Benefits Of Avocados

Avocados are everywhere these days. Not only are they delicious and versatile, but read on and you will learn 5 little known health benefits of avocados. Then, keep scrolling down for some awesome unique healing recipes featuring this ever-so-popular ingredient… it’s not just for guacamole anymore…
top 5 reasons to eat avocados

Avocados are one of my favorite foods, both for their health benefits and because they taste great. They are the epitome of a superfood. In Chinese medicine, some practitioners recommend avocados to raise the sperm count. I like them because they are good for anemia, dry skin, palpitations, constipation, and hot flashes due to menopause… and some other things that we don’t often associate with avocado — like managing stress…

Did you know that avocados are fruits, not vegetables? They are. And, this fruit can actually lower your bad cholesterol.

One of my favorite things to do is to take a half of an avocado, inside the skin, drizzle hot sauce on top, and then eat it with a spoon — no muss no fuss. Oh, and then I rub the inside of the skin on my face — more on that later.

Avocado toast is huge right now. You can’t call up your Instagram feed without seeing tons of variations of these beautiful toasts all over.  And then there’s guacamole. That’s timeless, and  even more popular now with the ever-wonderful Taco Tuesday hype. I use guacamole as a condiment in place of mayonnaise — it’s especially good mixed into potato salads…

But, since avocados really are so healing, it makes sense to add them into your meal rotation on the regular. And, really, how much avocado toast can you eat? (Okay, maybe quite a lot…. haha.)

Stick with me and you’ll be making pasta sauces out of avocado. Your desserts will have hidden avocado in them. Smoothies… yup, they are great vehicles for hidden avocados. And, you need to start topping your soups, chilis, and stews with cubed avocado. If you start with a healthy chili or soup and then add the heart healthy fat of the avocado to it, there’ll be no stopping you.

I realize as I’m typing this article, that I’m focusing on the deliciousness of avocado as a food. But, really, the important take-away from this article is that avocado can truly heal some of your health conditions. So, read on…

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My passion is helping you heal yourself with food and herbs. It’s truly my calling. When I was studying for my Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine, I knew that all of these amazing tenets of Eastern Medicine could be applied to food and used as everyday healing agents for so many people. I knew that if I combined what I was learning about the properties of food and herbs with what I already knew from my chef’s training, it would be life-changing.

And it is. My training in both Eastern and Western medicine, combined with my obsession with food and cooking, has given me a unique skillset that has helped so many people. And I want to help you. Nothing aggravates me more than knowing that these tools exist but that so many of you have not been taught them.

Everyone should know how to heal themselves with food and herbs. This should not be a secret.

If you eat the right foods for your unique body and circumstances, you can heal yourself. All you need is the correct information. And I’m here to give it to you.

Food really is medicine!

And, when there are everyday foods that are so easy to fit into your everyday life, why wouldn’t you start there? Avocados are awesome. Let’s get started…

Here Are 5 Little Known Health Benefits Of Avocados

1. Avocados Balance Hormones

In Chinese medicine, avocados are prescribed to fertility patients. They help balance estrogen and progesterone levels and they also increase sperm count. I often tell my menopausal clients to start eating more avocados because they can be really helpful to reduce hot flashes.

When I studied Chinese medicine, I learned how important it is to eat foods that build up the quality of your blood. A major key to health is good quality blood and this is often achieved by eating red foods. That’s why I’m always pushing beets, pomegranate seeds, and black cherry juice. But, avocados — lusciously green as they are — also help build up your blood. How awesome is that? If your blood is healthy, your hormones can be much more easily balanced.

2. Avocados Help Balance Stress And Boost Your Mood

Balancing stress and balancing hormones go hand in hand. Often, when you are feeling really stressed, it’s because your hormones are out of balance. Same goes for mood. The monounsaturated fats found in avocados have been shown to help with depression. Avocados are rich in Vitamin B and many times anxiety occurs because of a B deficiency. This in itself is reason enough to amp up your avocado intake!

3. Avocados Will Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful

I mean this in the most basic way. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to eat an avocado and then flip the skin inside-out and rub the inside of the skin onto your face. Yes, you won’t look pretty for a few minutes. And, haha, I once did a video demonstrating this and I looked like a green fool but my skin is in awesome shape… The oleic acid in your new green face mask will reduce inflammation and your skin will be refreshed and happy.

While using the avocado topically really is awesome, eating avocados are great for your skin also. The monounsaturated fats and vitamins help your skin, hair, and nails stay healthy, youthful, and hydrated.

4.  Avocados Can Help With Weight Loss

By now almost everyone has heard the mantra that fat doesn’t make you fat. Right? If you eat the right kinds of healthy fats, your body will thank you. You will feel full longer, you will feel healthier, and you will find it much easier to manage your weight without feeling like you are famished. Avocado has the right kind of healthy fat. And, as an added bonus, these green gems have been shown to help with your sugar addiction… talk about an awesome ingredient!

5.  Avocados Can HelpFight Cancer

There are lots of cancer fighting foods available. In fact, I wrote a whole blog article about it. Very recent research has been showing that avocados need to be added to this growing list of anti-cancerous foods. The phytochemical in avocados can help prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. Because they are rich in cancer-fighting carotenoids they should now be a part of every chemo-protective diet.

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I’m Here To Help You

If you eat the right foods and herbs for your unique body and circumstances, you can heal yourself. All you need is the correct information. And I’m here to give it to you. So, read on and you’ll find some great simple recipes to help you add more avocados to your diet. And, if you want to learn more about healing whatever your specific concerns are, I’d love to help you create a healthy lifestyle plan specifically for your unique needs, so sign up for a free phone consultation and we can chat about it.

Really, it’s just a matter of thinking outside of the box. Place some avocados on your counter. Right there where you can easily see them. Every time you make yourself something to eat, look at those avocados and think about how you can incorporate them into whatever you are making. As you’ll see below, they even make great desserts.

I like to take this approach with whatever healing ingredient I’m focused on for the week. Last week I kept my fresh mint on my kitchen counter and on the top shelf of my refrigerator — in glasses of water, like aromatic bouquets. This made it easy for me to imagine using healing mint (Bo He in Chinese herbal medicine) in things I normally wouldn’t have thought to use it in.

Some Deliciously Simple Ways To Add More Avocado To Your Diet

1. Zoodles With Creamy Avocado Pesto

zoodles with creamy avocado pesto

This creamy avocado pesto sauce can be used on any type of veggie noodle or grain-free pasta of your choice. You can also add tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs… so many things… so do what makes you happy.

2.  Creamy Vegan Chocolate Mousse

creamy vegan chocolate mousse

I know making desserts out of avocado can sound weird. But you need to try this. The chocolate taste comes through and the avocado is just there to create a creamy texture.

3.  Creamy Mint Avocado Pasta

creamy mint avocado pasta

Mint and avocado together are an incredibly healing duo — and this pasta is delicious!

If you make any of these avocado recipes, please be sure to let me know in the comments below. I love hearing how you like a recipe, and I love to answer your questions! If you make it, be sure to take a photo and tag me and post it on Instagram.




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