things making me smile this week

10 Things Making Me Smile This Week

Thanks for joining me for this 10 Things Making Me Smile This Week post.

things making me smile this week

This is my first one of these type of posts. I feel like each week I find so many things that make me excited, and I just want to share them with everyone, but then ultimately, I only share them with a few friends and family. Well, welcome to my friends and family. My goal is to share this stuff with you every Monday…

Here are 10 things making me smile this week

1.  I really want this jumpsuit. It’s the perfect mix of professional, casual, and edgy… and it looks super flattering.

2. People ask me all the time what type of face cream I use. First, I need to say that my skin looks good because I work at it from the inside out with food. That being said, this brand of face cream is my absolute favorite and if you buy it from the lovely Katrina, she will answer any questions you have in a chat.

3. I just got a case of clean white wine (I’m usually a red drinker, but this stuff is awesome) from my favorite organic wine distributor.

4. I’m trying to add a little order and organization to my small kitchen. These ideas are making me swoon.

5. This manuka honey is so reasonable priced. I go through this stuff way too fast during cold and flu season. We use it to kill bacteria by adding it to all our teas this time of year.

6. I can’t wait to try this 4 Ingredient Cookie Dough Cake.

7. Whenever I see this photo, it makes me grin:

8.  I made my Paleo Creamy Carrot Soup this week. This is a happy soup:

paleo blender carrot soup

9. I had one of my favorite grain-free Paleo bagels this week — with lox and dairy-free cream cheese. Happy dance.

10. Travel goals: this Swiss wellness resort… ahhhhhh.

Thanks for joining me for my first ever 10 Things Making Me Smile This Week post. See you next week…

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