4 Supplements You Should Bring On Vacation

Vacation is a time to reset your whole body. So, leave most of your supplements at home and just bring the few that are great for traveling. Read ahead to learn which 4 supplements you should bring on vacation.
4 supplements you should bring on vacation

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is: “How do you stay healthy when you travel?”

There are many answers to that question, so I’m breaking all of this great information into several different posts.  Today, in this post, I want to talk to you about traveling with your vitamins and supplements.

Don’t take them all with you. Just don’t. No matter how much you think this will keep you on track and keep you healthy, don’t do it. I said don’t take them all. But you should take a few. Read ahead to learn about the 4 supplements you should bring on vacation.

I used to load up my carryon bag with all of my vitamins and supplements and oils and herbs. I really thought I was doing a great thing. But, I was really doing myself a disservice.

Aside from being that person with the huge carryon filled with so many pills and health-related items that I had to carry my book and my water in my other hand, this is not the way to go on vacation.

Life is about balance.

Vacation is about decompressing and just breathing. It’s about getting away from your everyday life. And, it’s about fun.

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I have learned that it’s more important to let loose on vacation and eat and drink the amazing things available to you in your new location, than it is to stick to a strict health regimen.

It’s also good for your health to switch things up sometimes. Taking the same vitamins and supplements every single day for long periods of time isn’t great for you. Your body actually likes change; it actually can thrive on it. So, I like to use my vacations as a means to switch things up in terms of my supplements.

That being said, you don’t want to feel like crap on your vacation, so you absolutely need to keep in mind that if dairy makes you sick at home, dairy will make you sick on vacation. If you are gluten-intolerant at home… same goes on your trip. If there is a supplement you must take everyday or you don’t feel well, then please add this to this list of the 4 supplements you should bring on vacation. It’s okay if you have 5!

There are some supplements I won’t leave home without.

When I speak of the 4 supplements you should bring on vacation, I’m speaking of a vacation that lasts a week or two. If you are traveling for extended periods of time, take whatever you like!

I Speak From Experience

I had horrible digestive issues for the first 30 years of my life. Yes, 30 years! It wasn’t until I was introduced to the world of alternative medicine, that I was able to get my life and my health back under control. I used to have to know where every bathroom was at all times. I was on a ton of medication. I had zero energy and I didn’t sleep. Ugh… wow, do I sound like a big mess…

Well, I was. But all of that led me to where I am now. And I am forever grateful for where I am now!

My passion is helping you heal yourself with food and herbs. It’s truly my calling. When I was studying for my Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine, I knew that all of these amazing tenets of Eastern Medicine could be applied to food and used as everyday healing agents for so many people. I knew that if I combined what I was learning about the properties of food, herbs, and supplements with what I already knew from my chef’s training, it would be life-changing.

And it is. My training in both Eastern and Western medicine, combined with my obsession with food and cooking, has given me a unique skillset that has helped so many people. And I want to help you. Nothing aggravates me more than knowing that these tools exist but that so many of you have not been taught them.

Everyone should know how to heal themselves with food, supplements, and herbs. This should not be a secret.

If you eat the right foods and take the right supplements for your unique body and circumstances, you can heal yourself. All you need is the correct information. And I’m here to give it to you.

Food really is medicine!

If you eat the right foods and herbs for your unique body and circumstances, you can heal yourself. All you need is the correct information. And I’m here to give it to you. So, read on and you’ll find out which 4 supplements you should bring on vacation. And, if you want to learn more about healing whatever your specific concerns are, I’d love to help you create a healthy lifestyle plan specifically for your unique needs, so sign up for a free phone consultation and we can chat about it.

Here Are The 4 Supplements You Should Bring On Vacation

1. Probiotics

I will not go anywhere without my probiotics. And neither should you. I cannot overstate the importance of this.  Probiotics help your digestion run smoothly. They put good bacteria into your intestines, help with nutritional absorption, detoxification, and they can help your body fight infection. There are many brands of great probiotics available today, and they are available in stores and online. I take my probiotics first thing every morning with a huge glass of lemon water.

I think almost everyone will benefit from taking probiotics every morning. If you already do this, great. If you don’t, I still recommend bringing them with you and taking them everyday on vacation. They will help your digestive system assimilate to the new experiences you are having in terms of food and drink.

Probiotics come in powder form and in capsules. And there are lots of good ones on the market, but for when I’m traveling, I like to take a sleeve of BioKult probiotics with me — no refrigeration required and they are so easy to take.

2. Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes do exactly what the name suggests — they help you digest your food.  They help your body break down large molecules into smaller, more easily digestible bits. In order for your intestinal system to work properly, you have to feed it the right enzymes, because it is these enzymes that break down the food for you.

So, if you have any type of digestive disorder, you can benefit from digestive enzymes. Also, sometimes as we age, we become enzyme deficient, so if you never thought you needed help in this area, you may now benefit from some.

I bring a bottle of digestive enzymes with me when I travel. I take them with every meal, because a little extra digestive help on vacation can be a really good thing!

People ask me all the time what my favorite digestive enzyme is.  There are many good ones on the market, but the ones I’m loving right now are called Lyfezyme.

3.  Magnesium

Taking a magnesium supplement at night can help with sleep. So, if you are like me and have some trouble sleeping in a hotel bed, this is a great thing to take with you on vacation.

This really works if you are magnesium deficient… and so many people are. If you are already taking a magnesium supplement, you don’t need to take more, just simply take the supplement before bedtime at night instead of some other time during the day. If you are sure you are not magnesium deficient, then there’s no need for you to take magnesium.

There are many different kinds of magnesium supplements on the market. For sleep purposes, my favorite lately is Neuro Mag. I find that it helps promote sleep without effecting the digestive system. Be sure to check with your doctor to find out if there is a better type of magnesium supplement for your needs.

4. Reishi

Reishi is amazing. It’s a Chinese herb and a mushroom that acts as a superfood. In Chinese medicine, we use it for longevity support and we take it every day in many different forms. The Chinese name for reishi is Ling Zhi. It’s also known as Ganoderma. But, whatever you call it, it is like the rockstar of Chinese herbs. This medicinal mushroom calms the mind, reduces anxiety, relieves restlessness and boosts the immune system. Yup, it’s quite the multi-tasking shroom.

Reishi comes in many forms. I use a powdered form in teas and smoothies. There are also elixirs and tinctures available. But, for vacation, I recommend taking a reishi spore oil capsule before bed. Longevity helping, calming, and sleep promoting — all wonderful for vacation!

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Download your free copy of my Radiant Skin Ebook now!

Please know that the brands I recommend are ones that I have researched to death and are the ones that I use myself. Everyone is different, so if you prefer a different brand, please follow what is best for you! And, if you are under a doctor’s care, please follow her instructions. If you have any questions, please just reach out in the comments below; I love to hear from you!




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