Chicken Dijonnaise

Chicken dijonnaise reminds me of my childhood — I think you’ll find it as comforting as I do!

I remember making Chicken Dijonnaise before I knew how to really cook. I used to make it because it was easy. And edible. But it never tasted like this chicken dijonnaise recipe! I wish I could give it to you now to taste it because my words won’t do it justice. It’s that good!

I made this a few weeks ago because I was having a little deja vu moment that took me back many many years. And, I had a package of organic chicken thighs in my fridge that needed to be cooked. And, I really, really love mayonnaise. And, I have a jar of healthy mayonnaise that I love in my fridge. And, I was feeling a bit hangry and I had to eat very soon or I would turn …