• healthy-food-boot-camp
    Healthy Food Boot Camp

    Take this ONE week of your life to get yourself back on track! Here’s how it works: You pick the one issue that you are most concerned with (boosting energy, managing weight, fixing digestion, reducing inflammation, boosting immune system, youthful skin, etc.) and we will focus on that issue for one week. We’ll kick the week off taking a look at what you eat during our 20 minutes phone consultation. You’ll receive your very own, customized to you and your eating habits eBook, so you’ll have a reference of what we talked about and how to make it work for you. You’ll have email access to me during your week and will be able to get answers to all of your questions. See a sample by clicking here.

    Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks…. sometimes it’s hard to know what to eat for your wonderfully unique body. No matter what your main concern is, we will create a customized plan for you. Change your life in one week: $159

  • cooking-with-stacey
    Cooking with Stacey

    Let’s cook together. We will do this via Skype or FaceTime. I will teach you, in real-time, how to take your favorite recipes and make them healthy. We will actually do everything together. This is so much fun – I can’t wait. And, your family and friends will love what you will be serving them.

    Here’s how it works: You will pick 4 dishes you would like to re-create as healthy dishes. Once the menu is decided, I will send you a list of ingredients and then you will schedule 4 one-hour timeslots to take place within four weeks of signing up. You will be in your kitchen, and I will be in mine. We’ll chat, we’ll cook together, you’ll learn. 

    Don’t have any favorite dishes? Don’t worry! You can tell me your likes and dislikes and I will pick what we make.

    Private cooking lessons. Healing life lessons. Healthy chit-chat. Priceless… $350

  • you-here
    The 8 Week Makeover to a New You


    This is your chance to boost your energy, look and feel youthful, get yourself into optimal health, sleep better, fix your digestion, control your weight, rid yourself of aches and pains, deal with stress better… and so much more! And it’s all done with foods, supplements, and herbs. Each of these hour-long phone, Skype or FaceTime sessions is designed specifically for your unique needs. This is a life-changing experience and you deserve it!

    For eights weeks we will focus on YOU and all that is important to you. Each week we will address an area important to YOU. And each week you will feel more empowered, more energized, and healthier than you dreamed possible. These one-on-one sessions give you the chance to really connect with me, to learn my secrets, and to really delve into what YOU need to look and feel your best.

    Depending on your needs, I’ll help you with cooking, dining out, meal plans, lifestyle adjustments, meditation, and exercise motivation. You will not only be healthier, but you will be happier and more energetic. This is life-changing! Get started now for $1299.